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Stash Cockring W- Capsule Insert ClearStash Cockring W- Capsule Insert Clear
$ 28.99

Product Details

Stash Cockring with Capsule Insert Clear from Oxballs. It us a cock ring with a secret stash. Stretchy FlexTPR cock ring with padding for a bigger bulge. Includes a bullet plug insert to keep your stash secret. Sized for comfort, stretchy soft and rubbery. Stash cock ring is a great bulge making cock ring, it puts a fatter pad behind your sack, pushes you out and up. But, there is more a hidden pocket at the base of the ring our plastic (non-scan, non-metallic) capsule fits in a hidden pocket to hide whatever you want to keep hidden. It is stealthy. Its sexy. It is secret agent fun.

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