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Renegade Mach 1 BlueRenegade Mach 1 Blue
$ 51.99

Product Details

Renegade Mach 1 Blue Prostate Massager from NS Novelties. Climb on and ride Renegade's Mach 1 rocket ship to bliss and pleasure. Powerful ultra-drive motor and wireless functionality encased in a sleek and masculine design, this anal stimulator is made of soft flexible silicone and may be operated alone or with the supplied remote control. Water resistant. Compatible with all lubricants. Product weight 6.21 ounces. Product dimensions 4.76 inches by 3.54 inches by 1.14 inches. Package dimensions 8.11 inches by 5.28 inches by 1.85 inches. Insertable dimensions 3.35 inches by 1.22 inches. Product material:Silicone. Battery type Rechargeable.

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