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Love SwingLove Swing
$ 149.99

Product Details

Love Swing is a fully adjustable sex harness. Hundreds of combinations of positions for one or two people. Soft padded stirrups for feet, ankles, calves, or thighs. Soft padded stirrups for back and butt supports are fully adjustable. Fully adjustable, extra wide, ballistic weave nylon straps for maximum comfort. Fully adjustable hanging hardware for different heights and bounce. Weight limit is 200 pounds when it hangs from the spring. If you take the spring off, the weight limit is 400 pounds. Kit comes complete and fully assembled. Line: TLC Adult Toys - TLC Adult Toys has been synonymous with Topco Sales from the beginning. It now umbrellas numerous in house brands that offer a wide variety for everyone. From best selling egg vibes, to popular love swings, to versatile Love Machines, TLC has it covered. Category: Miscellaneous. Sub category: Furniture, Swings, Etc. Color: Black. Material: Neoprene. Love Swing is a registered trademark for Topco Sales. 18

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