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Coming StrongComing Strong
$ 65.99

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Coming Strong Blue Vibrator from Evolved Novelties. What is your super power? The ability to give yourself the best orgasm ever? We would like to help with the incredibly strong motor inside this elegant device that is designed to deliver mind blowing vibrations that reach erogenous zones you didn’t even know you had! Enjoy the twelve different buzz worthy speeds and functions in the motor and then if you need an extra push, press the turbo boost function and prepare for earth shaking power! This toy is fully water submersible for bath play, and cleans up easy with Evolved toy cleaner and a warm water rinse. Extremely powerful vibrator. Slight flexibility in the shaft. Very strong motor in shaft 12 powerful vibrating speeds and functions. Extra burst of power with turbo boost. Made from creamy smooth silicone. Height 7.5 inches, depth 1.51 inches, Width: 1.56 inches. Weight: 5.5 ounces. Color Blue. LED light up control buttons. Phthalate free and latex free. USB Rechargeable, cable included. Waterproof vibrations and submersible.

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