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Body Action Ultraglide 4.4 OzBody Action Ultraglide 4.4 Oz
$ 21.99

Product Details

Body Action Ultra Glide Lubricant is a water based, latex condom compatible and sex toy friendly lubricant specifically formulated for the individual who wants a slight amount of lubrication yet retain maximum feeling. Water based ultra light for a slick, velvety, sensuous feel. This formula is designed for the individual who wants a slight amount of lubrication yet retain maximum feeling. Latex compatible. 4.4 ounces Body Action Ultra Glide Lubricant by Body Action Products Land O' Lakes, Florida. Since their inception in November of 1999, Body Action line of Adult Sexual Enhancement products has quickly become the Platinum standard in the industry. Bringing together advanced formula innovation and state of the art developmental research. Package Product dimensions: Height 1.375 inches, Length 5.25 inches, Width 1.625 inches. Packaged weight 4.95 ounces. New size bottle 4.4 fluid ounces. 2020

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