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The first thing you cant help but notice when you look at the new Satisfyer line is the uncanny resemblance to the a lot of the Fun Factory toys. One of the most notable differences between the two is price. Am I sacrificing quality for price?

I have been a huge fan of Fun Factory since we introduced them to the store about five years ago and to this day they are still on my list of top three brands across the board. But I have to say that the new Satisfyer line really did nail a lot of the resemblances of my favorite Fun Factory toys.

Product information "Yummy Sunshine"

Yummy Sunshine is a pleasurably curved vibe that pampers you with its sensually ribbed structure, inclined tip, and deep vibrations. In a perky yellow with a smooth touch surface, it will give you intense climaxes, making your sun shine for days!


Silicone flex technology makes the shaft soft, smooth and extremely flexible


 Powerful vibration patterns provide intense stimulation


Made from high-quality super-soft silicone that intensively transmits powerful vibrations



-15-year guarantee

- Super-strong deep vibration

- Body-friendly silicone

- Waterproof (IPX7)

- High quality, soft full silicone

- Whisper mode

- Rechargeable Li-ion battery

- Easy to clean

- Magnetic USB charging cable included


The Satisfyer Yummy Sunshine:

First of all its bright yellow which just puts a giant smile on my face! Who could not want to masturbate with a bright ray of sunshine, am I right?? The Yummy Sunshine is a 6.5 inch internal Vibrator with a width of 1.75 inches at its largest point "YUMMY"! The tip of this vibrator is curved for a bit of G-spot stimulation and the body has ridges all the way down to the base which gives a lot of extra stimulation as your penetrating. One of my favorite features of this Satisfyer line is the handle, it has a loop so that you can put your fingers through it making it a lot easier to grip onto and penetrate, especially if your flying solo. This line is made of a really soft and flexible body safe silicone, so it feels very close to the real thing instead of stiff and foreign. They also did a really great job at mimicking the strong, deep and rumbly vibration that the Fun Factory toys have which if your a vibration connoisseur  you'll know how much better a deeper vibration can feel. I was a little worried about this toy because when I tried the original Satisfyer suction toy it was so unbelievably noisy, which right away is a turn off for me but the Yummy and all its mates are really quiet, thank the sex toy gods!! 

Not every woman needs or wants a toy thats ready for lift off. If your anything like me and have a sensitive clitoris than you know how some toys can just be too much. Im going to be honest, Im not a fan of toys that turn on and immediately your hand starts going numb! I prefer a toy where I can adjust to my exact specifications. The Satisfyer line has a varied amount of vibration modes and intensities but it's lowest setting isn't enough to overly stimulate a sensitive clitoris, you can turn it down to a really low rumble and work your way up to a more intense vibration! 

You know how some vibrators have a "bullet" on the inside and thats where its central vibration location is and then you don't really feel that strong vibration through the rest of the vibrator. Well the Yummy is not like that, when you turn it on you can feel the rumbly vibration through the whole vibrator, so you don't have to find the spot with the most vibration and keep it in one spot in order to have an orgasm. 

This specific vibrator called out to me amongst all of the other vibrators in the line because of its bright yellow color, curved tip for G-spot stimulation and its shape and size, not too big but also not too small. If you want something with a little more girth I highly recommend checking out the Satisfyer Master, its actually one of our best selling internal toys and leaves nothing to be desired if you want something that gives you a more full feeling! Basically if your looking for something new I'm sure you'll find it in the Satisfyer Line! 




Written by Sonia

Manager and Sex Educator at Intimates Boutique

Have been Mgr of Intimates Boutique for 7 years. I am certified in sexual education and a sex toy expert. Sharing my knowledge is one of my biggest passions. Hope you enjoy the information.




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