The Lelo Sila

The Lelo Sila

Well Ladies, if there ever was a toy that could replace your partner, I found it!! This toy is fantastic and believe me I was reluctant after not having a good experience with the Lelo Sona although everyone and their mother loved it. I wouldn't exactly say that I hated the Sona but it was definitely too aggressive on my Clitoris. Unlike most of the other air pulsation toys, the Sona has a silicone flap on the inside of the mouth that pulsates on the clit, so as its pulsating on the clitoris, that little silicone flap is also thumping on the clitoris and for me that was just too much and too aggressive. But as I've said in my previous blogs ladies, one toy does not satisfy all!


The Lelo Sila however is a whole other ball game. Before I jump into all of the reasons why I loved it so much I want to point out probably the only thing I would change about it. I do wish that it was a little less awkward to hold onto, I wish that it was shaped more like the Lelo Ora or similar to the Fun Factory handles, with a hole in the center so that its easier to hold onto, but honestly that is my only gripe and I can live with it.

The Sila does have a little flap on the inside as well like the Sona but I am not sure if its because of the mouth of the toy it's not nearly as aggressive. The Sila's mouth is a lot wider and has a smooth flat silicone ridge around it which I felt allowed better access to the clitoris. The Sona has a more narrow, smaller and protruding mouth which for me was a little more difficult to direct and pin point on the clitoris. Because the Sila has a wider mouth on it, it delivers those sonic air pulsation waves to the surrounding area instead of just focusing on the clitoris like the Sona.


This toy was able to bring me to orgasm again and again and each time it did not disappoint. It's one of the main reasons I am a huge fan of Air Pulsation toys VS. vibrators because after having one orgasm with a vibrator the Clitoris becomes so sensitive and overly stimulated that its almost painful to keep stimulating it. While the Air Pulsation toys don't come into direct contact with the clitoris so you can have orgasm after orgasm and not become overly stimulated! I do highly recommend using a good lubricant with any air pulsation toy. Most wouldn't think to use a lubricant on the clitoris and usually think lubricant is more for penetration but if you are planning on having multiple orgasms with your air pulsation toy, the clitoris can become dried out and using lubricant makes the experience a lot more comfortable and enjoyable! So if you're looking for something new and sure to blow your mind check out the Lelo Sila!



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