The Four BEST Clitoral Toys

The Four BEST Clitoral Toys

I've wrote quite a few blogs as of late on Reviews of certain toys that I have had the pleasure of trying lately, good and bad and the "Meh" but I wanted to compile a list of what I believe to be the four very best clitoral toys in my humble opinion. And yes I am including wands, suction toys and your average bullet, a little something for everyone.

PalmPower Extreme Wand:

Probably my favorite wand now, I've tried countless wands and for the most part they're all really similar with a few notable differences. The Palm Power Extreme Wand is the upgrade from the original Palm Power which I also own and was not overly happy with. Although it has a ton of power and multiple attachments to purchase along with it, the one thing I did not care for was how loud it is and how when it's fired up you can feel the rumbly vibration all the way down the handle. The new Palm Power Extreme is bigger but not by a lot and still has that deep rumbly vibration that makes this one of the BEST wands you can get your hands on. The thing I love the most about the Palm Power Extreme is the shape, it's curved so that it is so much easier to access the clitoris on your own but even more so during sex. The head is curved just enough that it hits the clitoris with ease even when in positions such as doggy style.

Vedo Crazzy Bunny

One of our very best selling Clitoral Toys. Honestly the whole Vedo line is one of our best selling brands, they are powerful and great quality. Out of the whole clitoral range though I did choose the Crazzy Bunny because it does stand out. Instead of coming to a straight point it has two bunny ears ontop that flicker along the clitoris. There is a reason why Rabbit style toys are so popular, because the flickering ears feel similar to oral sex. So essentially they took the very best part of the Rabbit and turned it into strictly a Clitoral toy. The Vedo Crazzy Bunny is really quiet but also has a lot of power. It's the perfect size to keep in your nightstand or to travel with and is completely waterproof and rechargeable. If you have never tried a clitoral toy with rabbit ears before, face the pointed end of the ears against the clitoris, depending on how much power you want you can have the ears lightly flicker back and forth or you can choose to bring the ears closer and enjoy more intense clitoral stimulation.

Nu Sensuelle Joie:

No doubt one of our top 3 best selling Bullet style clitoral toys in the store. It is very basic in it's looks but don't let that fool you. It is perhaps one of the strongest bullets that we carry. It's small but powerful, the strength comes from a rechargeable motor which also makes it so reliable. I have had my little Joie for nearly three years now and it still runs just as good as the day that I bought it. Because it's so small it also works in so many versatile ways such as a panty vibrator or easily fits into the pocket of a harness. For any woman who are wearing a harness but need or want Clitoral stimulation at the same time this bullet is absolutely perfect. One of my favorite things about the Joie is that it only has one button, let me tell you from personal experience that sometimes using a toy that has 100 buttons on it can take away from the whole experience, when your moments away from climaxing and trying to turn the toy up one more speed and accidentally turn the toy off instead!! One button to raise the speed, change the pattern, turn it off and turn it on makes it so much easier to avoid those "WHY GOD WHY" moments!

Lelo Sila:

Anyone who knows me or reads my blogs know that I ABSOLUTELY love Air Pulsation toys!! Ironic considering when they first came out I immediately thought that they were a gimmick and all of the buzz around them was simply that, just buzz. We continued getting so many requests for Air Pulsation toys that I felt like it was my duty to try one. I have many and have tried quite a few that disappointed but the Lelo Sila is just WOW!!! It is an Air Pulsation toy but it is also so much more, it has a silicone flap on the inside of the hole that lightly flutters against the clitoris adding more stimulation. I can honestly say now that Air pulsation toys are now my absolute favorite, if you love oral sex, these toys really are the closest thing to it and the fact that you can have multiple orgasms in a row without becoming overly stimulated is just icing on the cake! Try one and almost 100% guaranteed you will NOT regret it!


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