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The act of a prostate massage has been popular for many years but mainly in certain groups, mostly in the LGBT community. Professional dominatrix Margaret Corridor writes, “It’s an opportunity for men to enjoy the receptivity and vulnerability of being penetrated, which is a fulfilling part of sexuality that is largely off-limits to men in mainstream sexual culture.” In recent years, it has become accepted as a new, healthy way of sexual pleasure for men. Did you know, about one in every two men experiences swelling of the prostate gland between ages of fifty and sixty, and that number only increases with age? That is why most men begin having their prostates checked by a doctor around age fifty. 

Changes In Attitude!

Why the change in attitude you may ask? Well it's simple, sexuality has become more acceptable by society in this day and age. Also sexual health awareness is an extremely important part of everyone's life, and since we keep living longer lives, a healthy prostate is a must.

The prostate gland is considered to be the equivalent of a women's G-spot, so when massaged the receiver feels great pleasure, more so than a penile massage. When a Prostate massage is referenced it is addressed as a P-spot massage, it is also known as milking the prostate. Yes, the prostate is a gland, all glands react to pressure, vibration and are full of nerve endings. In this way, the P-spot is very similar to the head of the penis and the clitoris, except that it has less nerve endings than them.

Rocks Off Prostate Toys

There are two major brands that supply medical grade silicone prostate toys. The first one being Aneros, which is the original toy for the prostate, this brand is the leading contributor in non-vibrating prostate toys. The other popular brand is called Rocks Off, they make one of the worlds best vibrating prostate massagers.

We highly suggest trying a prostate toy with vibration, for the solid fact that it increases pleasure and sensation. Another reason is the satisfaction level, it is more satisfying to use a vibrating prostate massager than a non-vibrating toy, because when the tip of the massager engages the prostate it stimulates the gland itself, and it will do so without the user having to flex in order for the toy to rub against the prostate gland. This will lead to an easier and more effective way of achieving a p-spot orgasm.

How to Use:

The way one would use a prostate toy is simple, just insert the toy through the anus, past the sphincter, to the prostate. As insertion takes place the curved design of the toy should eventually come in contact with the prostate gland, and the handle shaped end of the prostate massager should be resting comfortably behind the scrotum, on the Perineum.

A P-Spot Orgasm

Statistically, the first time a person tries a prostate massage with a toy, they may or may not have success achieving orgasm. The saying goes "practice makes perfect" and like most things, a prostate massage has no exception to this saying. It is a bit tricky the first few times trying a prostate massage with a toy, due to the fact that this kind of stimulation/sensation is new to the user of the toy, there is a chance that the body will send mixed signals to the brain, increasing the difficulty to climax.

Example; when the toy first comes into contact with the prostate, it is common to feel a strong urge to pee. This is a perfectly normal feeling, it is actually a way to know that  you are hitting the right spot, and now that you have the toy in the correct spot, the other part of the massager is pressed firmly against the perineum. From there slowly begin by rocking the toy in a back and forth motion, this should create a massage or stroking effect as it is being rocked against the prostate gland.

The Orgasm

The way a man orgasms through a prostate massage can vary depending on the person. One type of orgasm a man can have through a prostate massage is a dry orgasm (liquid free). A dry orgasm is when the man receiving the prostate massage reaches climax, but dose not ejaculate. This specific type of orgasm can last from 45 to 60 seconds. During a prostate massage, a man can achieve orgasm multiple times, whereas under the normal approach of reaching orgasm; to have more than one would be almost impossible, or at the very least, difficult to achieve.


Prostate-assisted pleasure comes with a lot of benefits aside from experiencing just an amazing, undiscovered orgasm. The process of the prostate massage helps flush out the prostate and increases blood flow to the pelvic area, this act can help decrease impotence and provide some cancer prevention.

Final Thoughts:

Over all, if you are in the market for a powerful prostate toy, that allows you to use it with or without vibration, that would be easy to use for beginners, or fun for those of you who have more experience on this topic, we highly suggest the Aneros, or the O-Boy. Age is a limited thing and in order to obtain a longer life we need to lead a healthy life, so men start massaging your prostate!


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