Review on the Fun Factory Queen G

Review on the Fun Factory Queen G

     So, I will admit it, I am normally not one to enjoy rabbit style toys, but I do once in a while indulge myself if a good g-spot toy. Now, I love Fun Factory toys and I love their motors, the handle, and the variety in shapes and sizes. When I saw the Queen G I decided it was time again to try another rabbit style toy.

     The Queen G is a good mid-sized rabbit with an extreme g-spot curve and a handle. Now, why do I point out the handle? I am a bigger person, so a toy with a handle is always helpful for sure. The Fun Factory handle is also nice because it is a loop that I can just stick a couple fingers in and not have to have a full grip on.

     Enough about its external features, what about the vibrations? Most of the Fun Factory toys have a nice deep rumbly vibration and the Queen G is no different! The firm tip of the g-spot part mixed with those vibrations was worth the purchase of a rabbit for sure!



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