Review of the Twitch

Review of the Twitch

I was so excited when we first brought in the Twitch, the fact that it was a suction toy as well as a vibrator but also because of the design. The handle is flat and rounded which makes it really easy to hold and fit between two people during sex, so I absolutely had to try it out. The air pulsation toys are my absolute favorites and I own over 5 of them and while most of them are literally mind blowing, some can be a total let down and unfortunately the Twitch was the ladder for me.

I did try working with it, I gave it a fighting chance and tried to see if it was more of a user error but it just left me so disappointed in the end. I do think that it has the potential to be a fantastic toy if only they had made it an "Air Pulsation" toy like the Womanizer, along with the vibration instead of making it a "Suction toy"
So the suction is literally just that, it's like a nipple sucker, its supposed to suck on the clitoris but I found that I had to almost push it down aggressively on the Vulva in order for it to actually work correctly. Then quickly realized that Clitoral suction is not my thing and I was really hoping for more of an air pulsation feel like the Womanizer.

Now like I mentioned, the Twitch does vibrate as well and one of the great things about the toy is that the suction and the vibration work off of independent motors, so you can turn the suction off and just use it as a vibrator. The Vibration wasn't anything to right home about, I prefer more of a deep vibration but it was decent. The Twitch would have been a 10 out of 10 if it was an air pulsation toy and a vibrator at the same time, I think that would have given some of the other toys a run for their money but seeing as how I hated the suction part and the vibration was just adequate I was just not a huge fan of this toy. 


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