My Thoughts on the FemmeFunn Lola G

My Thoughts on the FemmeFunn Lola G

To preface this, I am not the person to enjoy internal of g-spot toys very much because they tend to be on the bigger size and a little bit uncomfortable. The only internal toy that I really use is the Sensuelle Baelii because it is on the skinnier side and is comfortable. When I got to see the Lola G for the first time, I was actually excited to try an internal toy. I own a couple FemmeFunn toys and the power is amazing and nearly unmatched by anything other than wands.

The Lola G did unfortunately fell in to the "slightly too big" category for me. It is made out of this super soft a squishy liquid silicone that makes the toy dual density. With that I thought that they toy would be soft enough to be comfortable. The ridges also made it a little uncomfortable but in someway still added to the pleasure of the toy. The point of an internal toy is to simulate penetration with a penis(for some people), but I found it more pleasurable to leave it stationary and play with the different vibration modes.

Now! On the vibration. I love the power of FemmeFunn toys so much. They make perfect clitoral toys and for some they make perfect rabbits and g-spot toys. I ended up using the Lola G as a clitoral toy because of comfort. I own the Booster Bullet by them and it is fantastic. The power of the Lola G is stronger than the bullet, and I am a person who loves strength so that gets a 10/10 from me!

All in all, the Lola G isn't a bad toy. it is a little anatomy dependent, but if you are looking for a new internal/g-spot toy, I would recommend it!


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