My Review on the PalmPower Extreme

My Review on the PalmPower Extreme

There are seemingly nearly endless options when it comes to wands and other massagers, but I believe I have found one of my favorites!

Welcome the PalmPower Extreme!!

It has 4 speeds and 3 patterned modes. There is also incremental speed that is almost like the smaller PalmPower, where you press and hold the button to change the intensity.

It has an ergonomically shaped handle that is perfect for holding in any direction without putting strain on your wrist or arm. The angle of the head of the wand makes it great to use during intercourse because the head stays mostly out of the way. The buttons are also easily accessible so you don't have to worry about moving the PalmPower while in use if you need that extra boost. You also have the plus of it being cordless unlike some other big wands out there!

I personally have tried only two other wands out there, both of them being highly reviewed by others. I have used The Doxy and The Magic Wand. The biggest plus side that the PalmPower has over the other two is that it is cordless and rechargeable. The other major difference is the others have big, bulky straight handles that are sometimes hard to hold. Me being a bigger girl, I appreciate the curved comfort handle that allows me to not strain my arm trying to hit the right spot.

All in all, I think the PalmPower extreme is a fantastic toy and would recommend it to any one looking for that extra oomph!

Written by Charlie

Sex Educator at Intimates Boutique

I have been a certified sexual health expert here for a little over a year. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and even learning some more along the way!



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