My Review on the Lora DiCarlo Sway

My Review on the Lora DiCarlo Sway

Wow! That's the first thing that I have to say. I have had some trials and tribulations with internal and g-spot toys, and I think that I have finally found an internal toy that works for me. Not only did this toy work for me, it is also beautiful to just look at.

I have never owned a toy that had a warming mechanism before and I was pleasantly surprised at how much that enhanced my experience. I know that when you think of a warming toy you may think that it may hurt, but it doesn't. The warm goes a little bit above body temp and was very comfortable.

Let's talk about the vibration. Strong, deep, rumbly. I enjoy using my toys on the higher settings most of the time, but the Sway was good even on the second setting. The raised bump on on of the end made the g-spot stimulation a little most intense. Even using it just on my clitoris was intense because that raised point was just fantastic.

Now, I didn't venture into it just yet but the Sway can also be used for prostate/anal stimulation. Just from this first use, I can already tell that it will be great for that use.

It was a breath of fresh air to finally be able to fine an internal toy that works for me. The last toy I tried was the FemmeFunn Lola G. It was really good vibration but it ended up being to big for me despite the squishy material. The only other internal toy that has worked for in the past has been the Nu Sensuelle Baelii (still my hands down favorite toy). The Sway by Lora DiCarlo will for sure being giving it a run for its money.

I give the Sway a solid 5 stars!


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