My Review on the Dame Kip

My Review on the Dame Kip

Now I am normally the person to try bigger toys like wands or suction toys; but, when I held the Kip in my hands, I nearly fell in love. I have tried a few other small clitoral toys before an they have all done their job. I had never had a Dame toy before and wanted this to be my first.

The Kip is a lipstick shape and all the edges can be used for a different experience. The main, flat edge is perfect if you want the whole clitoris to be stimulated at once and the back is great (with soft or heavy pressure) for pinpoint stimulation.

The controls were also the best. I don't like toys with just one button to control everything and if you pass the setting you want, you have to click through until you find it again and hope you don't pass it. The Kip has a three button control that truly makes it a create your own adventure situation.

All in all, I think the Dame Kip is going to be added to me list of favorite toys right next to the Womanizer Premium, PalmPower Extreme, and the Sensuelle Bailie!!


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