My Review on the Dame Arc

My Review on the Dame Arc

I am generally pretty picky when it comes to G-spot toys. It's really hit or miss for me. G-spot toys typically are either really soft or really firm and either the tip is very bulbous or not big enough to actually hit the G-spot. I find myself being somewhere in the middle on the spectrum. I want a G-spot toy to be firm but not too firm and for the head to be shaped to actually hit the G-spot, which for me means it has to be a good mix between round and flat. Which is exactly what the Arc is, it's a little more firm than I typically go with but the shape really does make it one of the most perfect G-spot toys I've ever tried and that's high praise considering I've tried quite a few. 



First things first look at how beautiful this vibrator is!!! All of the Dame Toys are stunning and minimalist and made by Women for Women which is just an added bonus! It has quickly jumped to one of my all time favorite G-spot toys. It might not be important to most but for me one of my favorite things about this toy that doesn't really affect how the toy performs is how light it is. It weighs just under four ounces and yes I did actually weigh it because its that light and I had to know. Its also seamlessly made from beginning to end in a high grade medical silicone which makes it completely hygienic.

Now at first glance the head of this vibrator may not seem like your "typical" G-spot vibrator but I think that's potentially drew me to it in the first place. The tip is more rounded like a penis but then it drops off into a sort of straight line/square like bottom which looked really intriguing and ultimately ended up being the thing that I loved most about the Arc. The shape is perfect, it goes in with a rounded head but then when it hits your G-spot the flat part is really what keeps the vibration in the right place, it almost hooks onto that sweet spot like if you had a partner insert two fingers and hook them upwards. That's what the Arc does, that flat part hooks onto your G-spot and relentlessly brings pleasure crashing over you. If you have never attempted G-spot stimulation, let me just say that you are missing out BIG TIME! It's a very different type of orgasm and it feels a lot more intense, like a huge build up that leads to a free falling type of release. If your wanting to try something new or are just simply in the market for a new G-spot vibrator, I implore you to look at the Dame Arc, you will not be disappointed! 


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