My Review of the We-Vibe Moxie

My Review of the We-Vibe Moxie


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The We-Vibe Moxie is a teledildonic underwear vibrator that can connect to a phone app. Why would you want to pair a toy with a phone app? Have you ever had a toy you used with your partner but found it difficult to change the settings without moving the toy entirely away? Do you live far away from your partner, or do you work as a cam star and want a way to encourage donations with your audience? That's where teledildonic toys come in.


The ability to change settings at the flick of the wrist instead of fumbling with buttons on the toy itself keeps you engaged with your partner, and your partner can even take control of the toy themselves if they download the app. The Moxie being app-compatible changes the game, in my opinion; being able to use it in public without having to tote around a remote control keeps it discreet and fun!

Okay, so what are the details?
The Moxie comes with a few things to know before even purchasing it. We-Vibe has a two-year warranty on all of their toys, but most people are less concerned with warranty and want to know more about what the toy does--and trust me, I get that.

The toy is waterproof and made of soft silicone, only takes 90 minutes to charge with its magnetic charger, runs for up to 2 hours, and has ten preset vibration modes so you can find your favorite. I found that connecting the toy to the phone app was a bit complicated initially, but after a quick YouTube search, it was paired and ready to go. The Moxie also comes in two colors: aqua or black, and includes a storage bag to keep your toy, remote, charger, and spare magnetic backing all in one place.

The packaging is everything you'd expect from a luxury toy; a well-designed box with foam inlay and a compartment underneath to hide the charging cable and informational booklet. However, the remote is not so luxurious and feels like an afterthought, design-wise. The Moxie itself is contoured to lay nicely against the clitoris, and the magnetic back that clips onto the underwear helps keep it from sliding around while worn.



Great, but how well does it work?

Let me just say that although it's powerful, the Moxie is more of a foreplay toy to me than something that'll get me there quickly. If you're a bit more sensitive, that might be different, but everyone's bodies are different! We-Vibe promotes it as a "whisper-quiet" toy, but if you're trying to use it at a higher setting in a quiet bedroom or library, you can hear it, but you're good to go if you're using it at a restaurant or bar. This toy keeps you on the edge of your seat by giving control to your partner, so you aren't sure when they'll turn it on--and you.

The We-Vibe app is pretty interesting; it has a few different functions, including the ability to make your pattern out of its presets, but the one I used the most was the Multi Vibe option. In this tab, you can slide the circle labeled "Moxie" around to whichever vibration pattern you like, and the closer you slide it to the pattern image, the more intense the vibrations get. You can also tap on the pattern to change to a different preset. However, if you don't change these, you'll find that the app automatically starts you off with plain vibration, a pulse pattern, a wave pattern, and a "custom preset" pattern if you already made your pattern in the app.


Wearable vibrators are nothing new, and We-Vibe wasn't the first to invent them, but they seem to have perfected them with the Moxie. There are plenty of "comparable" underwear vibrators on the market, like the VeDO Niki. Still, most have flaws, like the magnetic clip not being strong enough, the vibration being weak, the toy being loud, and more. We-Vibe seems to have genuinely perfected the concept of wearable vibrators, and I think it's worth every cent, considering how much my partner and I have both enjoyed it.


For those who are a fan of being able to use toys during intercourse, the Moxie is still perfect; it's small enough to use as a finger vibrator, and it's not too bulky to fit in between two bodies. Plus, it's IPX7 waterproof, meaning it can be used in up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes without damage, meaning you can use it anywhere and anytime. 


So, what are my thoughts on it?


My partner and I have been using the We-Vibe Moxie consistently for about a month, and we haven't noticed any wear and tear or disruption with the battery life. Connecting the toy to the app seems to get easier the more we do it, which makes everything run much smoother. The preset pattern interface on the app is fantastic, and I love that I can change the setting and the intensity with just a swipe of my finger! I also love that the toy's battery life is displayed in the app, so I know when it needs to be recharged. I've tried some lower-end wearable vibrators, and they always seemed to shift around (especially if they were bullet-style wearable vibes) or be too loud, but I haven't had those issues with the Moxie. 



I'm so glad I decided to buy it and try it out, as I have no complaints about the quality; the only thing I wish I had known beforehand was that even though orgasm is achievable with the Moxie, it's more of a foreplay toy. It also works best if the wearer is sitting rather than lying down, so keep that in mind when you want to use it; although, distracting your partner by turning it on while they try to get some work done is fun too.


What else pairs well with it?


We use the We-Vibe Moxie with the Sincerely Blindfold (the most comfortable blindfold I've ever used, hands down) and the Sportsheets Saffron Cuffs since the chain that connects the cuffs are shorter than others we've tried. Also, suppose my partner or I am planning on wearing it for an extended time. In that case, we put some Naked Silk on the Moxie itself to prevent irritation since Naked Silk is a hybrid with a bit of silicone to keep it from drying down quickly or getting sticky over time. When it's time to clean it (before and after using it, of course), I use the Jo Refresh Foaming Toy Cleaner, which works perfectly well. 


The Moxie is a great choice to spice up a date night, and it pairs well with things like blindfolds, cuffs, and massage oil if you want all of the attention to be on the wearer. If you're not planning on wearing it out, you could pair it with a position aid like the Strict Thigh Slings or the Fetish Fantasy Position Master


Sound like a great option for you and your partner? Get the Moxie for yourself in-store or online, and make sure to sign up for our loyalty program to earn points and save money.


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