My Review of the Femme Funn Cora

My Review of the Femme Funn Cora

This toy was a delightful surprise, I don't often get excited about G-spot toys because they typically tend to blur into one another but when I saw the thumping power on this one I had to retrieve my mouth from the floor. G-spot/Rabbit style toys tend to be a little more difficult for me to master. Not every vagina is shaped the same and because I, like a lot of other women have a short distance between my G-spot and Clitoris I don't always find that the toy anatomically hits all of the right spots like they're intended.

If you are familiar with a G-spot orgasm then you most likely know that it is a lot easier to achieve a G-spot orgasm after you have already had an orgasm. The G-spot does exist, its about two fingers, knuckle deep into the vagina. If you are lying on your back and insert two fingers with them pointing towards your belly in a come hither motion, it is one of the most effective ways to find the G-spot. That being said the G-spot for A LOT of women is tucked away within the vaginal wall. If you bring yourself to orgasm before venturing for the G-spot, it contracts the vaginal walls and makes it a lot easier to find the G-spot, you'll know you've found it because it feels differently, while your vaginal walls tend to be smooth, the G-spot is rough and bumpy similar to the texture of a raisin. For most, a light touch will not be enough to bring you to orgasm, which is why most toys made specifically for the G-spot are bulbous and a bit harder of a material.

The thumping function is what initially drew me in but I also liked the shape and the short proximity from the internal/G-spot part of the toy and the clitoral part. I did attempt to achieve multiple orgasms before using the Cora so that I knew it would be a lot easier to find and hit the G-spot properly. One thing I will recommend right away is to use lubricant, personally I suggest a Hybrid lubricant so that it stays wet as long as possible. I suggest not only using lubricant for the internal part of the toy but also applying lubricant to the clitoris as well.

Because the clitoral part is decently sized and has a little weight to it, while using it, it rubs against the clitoris which can be made a lot more comfortable by simply using lube. At first I moved the Cora in and out in a rhythmic motion but I quickly realized that for me the toy did its job a lot better by turning the thumper up higher and leaving it in place so that the thumper was hitting my G-spot and the Clitoral part was sitting right on the clitoris at the same time and Oh man it did the trick pretty quickly. All in all I had a great experience with the Cora and would recommend it to someone looking for the wholly trinity (Vaginal, Clitoral, G-spot) all at once.

I would absolutely say that the Cora is more of an advanced G-spot toy, it's not one that I would recommend to a beginner or someone who has not explored G-spot stimulation yet. If your familiar with G-spot toys and stimulation and are looking for something new I would 100% point you in the direction of the new Femme Funn Cora.


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