My Personal Opinion on the Nu Sensuelle Alluvion Wand

My Personal Opinion on the Nu Sensuelle Alluvion Wand

I have noticed recently that I have developed quite the little selection of Wands, I am not going to lie the toy industry has been producing some quality Wands as of late and I am NOT complaining. I just recently purchased the Mini Halo Wand and just WOW... you can check out all of the details for that little guy in my other blog. The New Sensuelle Alluvion wand came out and although I know what your going to say, yes it is another wand but there are some very big noticeable differences.

This isn't just any wand, in fact it's not JUST a wand. Wands are usually in the Clitoral family and can also be considered body massagers, typically wands are not meant for insertion.... in comes the Alluvion. Dual motors control both ends of the Wand, one end being a traditional wand for clitoral stimulation and the other end being a flexible internal vibrator. The only down side to this otherwise very exciting toy is that you cannot use both ends/motors at the same time. I think that would have been a unique way to make it into a toy two people could enjoy at the same time.

The power is of course nothing short of what Nu Sensuelle has remained    consistent with which is just WOW!! It does deliver a lot of power but without being extremely loud and noisy which is a huge plus. It does have some weight to it which isn't always ideal especially if your using it with a partner during intercourse.

I have seen other wands attempting to make a dual motored toy but what really stood out to me about this one in particular is that the internal part is flexible and not floppy but flexible where you can adjust it to curve upwards and it will stay in place. I mean come on, multiple different toys for the price of one. The internal part is a little larger at the tip which is perfect for exploring the G-spot. Another noticeable plus to the Alluvion is the Turbo Boost feature, when your on the verge of an orgasm but you need a little extra help the Turbo Boost will increase the vibration even more sending you just over the edge!


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