The Four Best G-spot Toys

The Four Best G-spot Toys

If you have never tried G-spot intercourse, stimulation and play then stop everything your doing right now and consider the orgasm you had last. Now consider an even more intense orgasm. That's what the G-spot Orgasm is, it's more intense and lasts longer than your average orgasm. There are A LOT of people out there who truly believe that the G-spot is not real, that they don't have one or that it does not exist. Let me tell you that the G-spot is a real thing and you should absolutely explore it! These are my favorite G-spot toys that we carry, opinions based on personal experiences and customer feedback.

Lelo Mona Wave:

Probably one of the best selling G-spot toys that we carry, it's very much unlike any other G-spot toy that we have. This toy is more on the hard/stiff side which is what a lot of women need to actually hit the G-spot well enough to have an Orgasm. But what actually makes this toy so unique is that it waves back and forth to hit the G-spot. So in a way it almost does all of the work for you.

Sway by Lora DiCarlo:

Rapidly becoming a best seller! The new Lora DiCarlo Sway is for G-spot stimulation as well as Prostate stimulation. The Sway has dual motors and has 3 vibration patterns and 7 intensity levels and also has warming technology. The warming feature warms to just above your body temperature for enhanced circulation, arousal and relaxation. The Sway has a very deep and rumbly vibration, practically ensuring an intense orgasm!!


Pillow Talk Sassy:

The Sassy is a Beautiful, Sleek and Silicone G-spot vibrator with a bulbous head that directly targets the G-spot. With an insertable length of 5 inches and a flexible shaft that makes it so much easier to tilt the toy to comfortably hit the G-spot. The Sassy has one button so when your enjoying a little bit of solo play you don't have to worry about accidentally pressing the wrong button and turning the toy of when you meant to crank up the vibration, trust me, it happens way too often. Depending on your personal preferences, a more bulbous tip may help you stimulate your G-spot better than a G-spot toy with a smaller head especially if your G-spot is located a little further into the vaginal canal. 


Dame Arc:

A newer member to our collection of G-spot Toys. The Dame Arc belongs to a brand that I personally LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Dame is a company Founded by Women making products for Women. Alexandra and Janet started their company with the Pleasure Gap between Men and Women being their mission. Based on a study of heterosexual Men and Women they found that only 39% of Women were having an orgasm during intercourse in comparison to 91% of Men having an orgasm during sex. The Arc is advertised as a G-spot or a Clitoral Vibrator, not limiting you to only one avenue of sexual exploration. Unlike the other G-spot toys I've mentioned, the Arc has a slightly flatter ridge than the more round and bulbous ones. I found when trying this G-spot vibrator for the first time that I enjoyed the flatter ridge because it tucks right into my G-spot and depending on the angle it stays right in place giving me that targeted G-spot stimulation I was looking for.



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