Old-School VS New-School: Egg Vibe Editon

Old-School VS New-School: Egg Vibe Editon

So, you are looking at getting an egg vibe? I am going to give you a few comparisons and basics so you can make the right choice for you.


The Basix, the Primal Instinct, and The Pocket Exotics are three battery operated egg vibes that stand out to me. The biggest positive when talking about battery operated toys is that they are generally not made to last you a long time. Alternatively, they are made of TPR (Thermoplastic Rubbers) which can absorb bodily fluids, and are porous, which means no matter how hard you scrub they'll never truly be sanitized. Depending on how often you use they toy, it might last a couples months or even up to a couple years. I chose these three because out of all the ones I have come across, these are a few of the best battery operated egg vibes that are offered.



When I think rechargeable eggs, my brain goes to the Lush and the Peach. Both of these are fantastic. There are many more vibration settings than the other three and are much stronger. The Peach was originally designed as a kegel exerciser, so the size is manageable inside and out. Meanwhile, the Lush has a mound to directly sit on the G-Spot, making this a sweet G-Spot Egg vibe. Considering that they are rechargeable, they will last you a long time (if you take proper care of them, of course.) They are both made out of silicone which is a non-porous material that is body safe and will not harbor any bacteria. Only silicone, metal, glass and ABS plastic can be truly serialized.

The Run Down

The main differences besides between the two are that both the Peach and Lush are wireless and the other three have a wire that connect them to their power source. The cool thing about the Lush is that it is also a tech based toy that can be use long distance. If you want a little more info about the Lush and other tech toys, click right here. All in all, I would highly recommend the two rechargeable vibes over the other three because they are made to last longer, they are wireless, and an all around higher quality toy.


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