New Luv Inc by Femme Funn

New Luv Inc by Femme Funn

The brand we all know and love, Femme Funn, has come out with a new line where everything is under $100 and gives you the power of a luxury toy.

Luv Inc is the perfect brand for someone who wants power and doesn't want to burn a hole in their pocket. These small vibes all have a little something special about them!


Large Silicone Bullet

This large bullet packs quite the punch! 10 power levels and waterproof!

We love this bullet because of its soft smooth silicone and how sturdy and light weight it is. Not just another basic bullet.


Lipstick Vibe

I know that there are so many different kinds of lipstick vibes out there but I can promise this one is different.

This vibe comes with different caps to change up the experience! This vibrator has 10 different power levels. Once you're done and it clean, all you need to do pop the cap back on and store it for next time! (Also great for travel!)


Mini Wand

Looking for a wand but can't stand the size the size of a normal wand?

Look no further than the Mini Wand. Palm sized and powerful. This little guy has 10 power levels and is cover is soft silky silicone. Easy to hide, but almost cute enough to want to keep out.


Pulsing Clitoral Stimulator

There are so many different kinds of air pulsation toys out there but there is always room to improve.

Luv Inc came out with their own and I gotta say that it is just fantastic! 7 modes to play with and you are sure to find your favorite.


Insertable Panty Vibe

Sometimes you see an insertable panty vibe and go "yikes that's big", but not with this one.

This guy right here is slim and curved perfectly your g-spot. The outer clitoral part protrudes slightly to give you something to grind out. And I know that sound may be an issue. This motor is whisper quiet and know one needs to know you are event wearing it.


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