Hiky the new addition to our pressure wave collection is here!!!

Hiky the new addition to our pressure wave collection is here!!!

      Introducing the newest pressure wave toy, The HIKY! The HIKY is a triple threat with three different features from overwhelming sucking sensations, vibration throughout the whole device, and  eight inches for insertion.  I was impressed with the dual features of vibration and sucking simultaneously, not to mention the insertion tip that starts off small then gradually gets larger with powerful vibrations. I also discovered the Hiky  works well with nipple play, and surprisingly was very realistic to an actual person! The ten vibration modes, and five suction modes escalate you towards climax. I feel as this is definitely a toy that stands out above the rest. A lot of toys on the market today are relatively straight forward, its either a clitoral toy, an internal toy, g-spot, rabbit style, etc... What I loved about the Hiky is that I don't have to choose my poison I can have my cake and eat it too. If i decide to start off with internal stimulation and end with clitoral suction my Hiky let's me be in control of my orgasm and what woman doesn't want that? There is no need to fumble through my toy drawer and making sure I grab an internal vibrator and one for the clitoris too and plop down in bed trying to make sure I don't loose my rhythm while switching from one toy to the next in order to have an orgasm. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to get off and being turned off by annoying inconveniences! Now, the Hiky does not just stop at penetration and suction, because of the way the internal part of the Hiky is shaped it also makes an amazing G-spot toy. I find when inserting the Hiky if I press the pointed tip up in the direction of my G-spot it hits it directly! This vibrator slash masterpiece is a triple threat and I highly recommend checking it out if your looking for a new experience!



  • Triple motor technology.
  • Overwhelming tender sucking sensation.
  • Powerful vibrations.
  • 8 inches of insertion.
  • Ten different vibration modes.
  • Five different suction modes.
  • Vibration speed 11,000 RPM.
  • Quiet at a noise level of 55db.
  • Medical grade silicone.
  • Phthalate free.
  • Water resistant.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Rechargeable 120 minutes of battery life with 2 hour charge.
  • 1 year warranty.



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