Five Fantastic Rabbits

Five Fantastic Rabbits

Why Buy a Rabbit Style Sex Toy   

For a lot of women a Rabbit style toy is the ultimate in pleasing one self to orgasm. You ask why? Because it is one of the few sex toys that pleasure internally as well as a dedicated vibrator to the clitoris. You can choose if the internal part vibrates, rotates, thrust ,heats up or in combinations of these functions. The Clitoral part are usually vibration with ears, suction or a finger shaped vibrator. Just think about what you like and then find the rabbit that suits you best.


Best Budget Rabbit

Sometimes when trying a new type of toy, spending a ton of money will make you not want to buy it. We carry lots of budget rabbits but one that has a great price point yet still has a dedicated motor for the clitoris. This rabbit is from "Pretty Love" and is called the Snappy. Coming in at $19.99 this may be one of the least expansive rabbits that can be found.

Pretty Love Snappy 30 Function Silicone Vibrator Take control of your pleasure with the versatile 30 function rabbit vibrator that boasts a sleek and elegant design at a great price. Dual clitoral and vaginal stimulation is made easy with the smooth silicone surface that is contoured to hit your pleasure spots while the incredible array of vibration modes give you plenty of variety.


Best Suction Rabbit

Suction toys are not anything new to the self pleasure business. With brands like Womanizer and Satisfyer, it was a matter of time before other companies started to turn them into rabbits. Our Favorite Rabbit Brand of suction rabbit is made by "Evolved" and may have some of the strongest suction we have seen. The name of this toy is obviously " Super Sucker" .

Super Sucker from Evolved Novelties. Suction vibrator fans will love the Super Sucker’s unique twist a perfectly angled G-Spot vibrator with a shaft tip that features a thumping motion just like the tried and true come hither finger method of arousing the G-Spot. Get ready for a double whammy orgasm that stimulates two of the most powerful erogenous zones simultaneously in just the way they were meant to be stimulated! Customize your experience with 8 different G-Spot thumping speeds, and 5 clitoral suction speeds.


Best G Spot Rabbit

There are tons of rabbits that fall into the g spot category. We like the Vedo Kinky Bunny because the G spot part is in the right place, S many of the g spot toys sit a little too deep, causing you to pull the clitoral part too far away in order to hit the g spot properly. With its firm G Spot curl and deep vibration. The Vedo Kinky Bunny is a great choice.

Vedo Kinky Bunny Rechargeable Vibe Deep Purple Rabbit Style plus dual motor vibrator delivers mind blowing pleasure to both the G-Spot and clitoris simultaneously. While the thin shaft and bulbous head taps into your G-Spot, the ribbed tickler and flexible tip electrifies your clitoris. The unique shape of this game changer, boasts 10 powerful functions with a simple touch of the remote. Giddy up girls and take a ride you will never forget.


Best New Rabbit

With so many new rabbits out there, this can be a confusing decision? We tried to pick a rabbit that had good vibration, not too pricey and included some of the latest tech out there. The Satisfyer Mono Flex fits the bill. Has good vibration on both the ears and the internal part. Its price is $74.99 which puts it right in the sweet spot for rabbit pricing. One of thew coolest things is it works with an App. Now you don't need to fumble with buttons while in use. Just get out your phone and let the fun begin.

Satisfyer Mono Flex Mauve Rabbit style vibrator 2 powerful motors, seamless silicone finish, and simultaneous stimulation of the G-spot and clitoris make the Mono Flex the highlight of every collection. It also has a sophisticated form and app control. Compatible with the free Satisfyer App available on iOS and Android. 2 powerful motors transmit intense vibration rhythms throughout the entire toy. Silicone flex technology makes the shaft soft, smooth and extremely flexible. 15 year guarantee. Clitoris and G-spot stimulation. 2 independently controlled motors. Body friendly silicone. Waterproof IPX7. Can also be used without the app. Preset programs can be edited App offers an unending range of programs. Whisper mode 50 vibration combinations.


Best Luxury Rabbit

There are some very high quality brands on the market. We find Lelo is still one the best products you can buy. They are pricey but the quality and the engineering is second to none. Why does this matter? Because poor quality come hither style rabbits, do not handle the g spot motion well. What do we mean? In a cheaper come hither, it will bog down when it meats resistance from the walls of the vagina. Our pick the " Lelo Ina Wave" will not slow down with the same resistance. This is where the quality of the toy comes into play. My Wife has 2 of these Ina toys and they are both around 8 years old. So if your tired of toys breaking? You should really try a Lelo Brand toy.

INA Wave Cerise Vibrator for an overwhelming blended orgasm. Lose yourself in waves of uncontrollable pleasure. In a world first design, INA Wave is inspired by the caress of a lover's fingers, as it surges with a natural come hither motion to massage your G-Spot. While its generous body rises and falls, the powerful clitoral stimulator creates a blended climax that crashes over you. Housed in a 100% silicone design that is fully rechargeable and waterproof, the 10 unique vibration and wave settings deliver whole new levels of orgasm intensity. The ultimate rabbit vibe for pleasure connoisseurs. Rises and falls like an expert lovers fingers. 10 vibration patterns and with adjustable speeds.


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