A Battle of the Best: Sona vs. Satisfyer

A Battle of the Best: Sona vs. Satisfyer

The Satisfyer and the Womanizer have new competition! Lelo released the Sona and the Sona Cruise which utilizes the power of sonic waves to stimulate the whole clitoris and not just the tippy top! With 8 pulsation functions and a generous range of straight speeds, the Sona changes up the game when it comes to suction toys.  Truthfully, I'm very likely to switch between the two for as long as I have them, but today we're going to dive into the two and compare the best to the best!

When I fell in love with the Satisfyer, I didn't think it could get any better. Truly what the Satisfyer and Womanizer were missing were pulsation speeds. The intensity of the Sona is unmatched comparatively, and the pulsations allow a break in between to catch your breath. As someone who laughs at pulsation modes in any other toy, I couldn't imagine trying to use this one without it. The straight speed on the Sona is intense, even on the hand you can feel the amazing power of the sonic waves. Meanwhile, feeling the Satisfyer on the hand is really underwhelming and unassuming. Not that I'm saying the Satisfyer is in any way underwhelming. The Sona is really amazing for solo play, but is a little too intense for couples play. Since getting my Penguin, I've been in love with how easy it is to hold and maneuver during intercourse. It's small body is ideal for pretty much any position. It isn't too heavy or cumbersome to use like a wand would be, but its just as powerful. It's less powerful suction is just enough sensation during intercourse. The Sona, while similar in size has a very unique shape that is kind of hard to hold properly and for a long time during intercourse, not to mention it's a little overwhelming with so much going on at the same time. The Penguins design and interface are very user friendly, and while the Sona is still small and compact, the shape doesn't make as much sense for holding in a variety of positions.

If you already own a Womanizer or Satisfyer, go get yourself a Sona! Owning both options allows a lot of range when dealing with suction toys. Having the Satisfyer or Womanizer allows for that easily accessible low-range of power, while the Sona is much more powerful  even at it's lowest setting, the Sona has those amazing pulsation patterns that you can play around with if the Sona is too much! I often found myself searching hard for the lowest setting on the Sona so I could start off on a nice, slow setting and gradually need more. Different sensations in intercourse require different activities and moments, so it's always nice to have every option at your fingertips. As a solo-player toy, I couldn't find one qualm to complain about. This toy is fun, powerful, and easy to use by yourself. The 8 different pulsations are really diverse and add a lot to playtime, which really says something! Other pulsation patterns on vibrating toys can be annoying and distracting. On the Sona, however, the suction is so powerful that every pattern is truly utilized the way it was intended.Think about it, vibrating patterns are stimulating but only on the surface, while suction patterns truly grab and release in away that is natural and stimulating to the whole clitoris and not just the surface area. Trust me, until you get your Sona home and try it, you'll never believe me. It's mind blowing, ground breaking! Satisfyer and Womanizer beware; there's a new Sheriff in the shop! Hope you have enjoyed our sona vs Satisfyer blog.


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