Newest and Best Mens' Strokers by Tenga

Newest and Best Mens' Strokers by Tenga

Tenga has come out with some new amazing products recently! We've brought in the Tenga Flip Zero Series, brought back the Flip Hole Series, and included the newest addition, the Spinner Series! Tenga really impresses with their innovative products and textures, and ability to surprise even the most seasoned Toy Owner. Unlike Fleshlight Brand, Tenga doesn't stick to the same 4 basic shapes that Fleshlight models their designs by. These textures 4 that I'm referring to are Massage Beads, Zig Zag Patterns, Thin, and Ribbed. Fleshlight's toys are almost all a combination of these 4 patterns in some variation. No matter what kind of stroker you've had previously, the Tenga Brand is unlike anything you've ever experienced.

These are the Massage Bead, Ribbed, Zig Zag and Thin Strokers by Mood Pleaser! Click here to Purchase one for yourself, these are a great first masturbator! Simple shapes are a fun first time toy.


In this blog, we'll be talking briefly about the Flip Hole, Flip Zero and Spinner Series Strokers so you're sure to purchase the perfect toy for you. In addition to that, each variation of these toys will have an internal picture included so you can see EXACTLY what patterns you'll experience in each Tenga Masturbator!

Spinner Series

Spinner Tetra, Hexa and Shell are the three different textures you have to choose from. Each one is unique, and each can have different effects on the user. For example, the Tetra is wide and firm, but isn't as stimulating as the others. And the Shell, is firmer and stimulates a little more, but is a little smaller in diameter since there's so much going on inside. Each one has their strengths and weaknesses, but each one is awesome in their own way! The Spinner Series gets its name from the twisting pattern on the side, which influences the user to turn the stroker while using it, vs. your traditional up and down movement.

Flip Hole Series

The Flip Hole Series is a larger scale stroker with a little more going on than the Spinner Series. The Flip Hole Strokers hinge open at the back end of the toy, allowing easy cleanup and easy drying. Other strokers can develop mildew over time if cleaned improperly, so this added benefit is super convenient! This Series has 4 different models to choose from; Black, Red, Silver and White. Each is unique in their own way, and can affect the user in different ways. Similar to the Fleshlight Brand, some promote stamina, while others are meant to help you climax ASAP.

Tenga loves to be creative. This chart maps out which colors do what things, and might help you determine which is the best buy for you. All of them have amazing suction capabilities, and the Red specifically has a little tighter of a grip. Buying a stroker can be annoying and hard if you can't see the pattern inside, and I'm glad Tenga recognizes that!

Flip Zero Series

Like the Flip Hole Series, the Flip Zero Series has all new textures and an upgraded protective shell so your toy will last you even longer. The Flip Hole Series suction pad could crack if held too tight, but in the new Flip Zero, the pad is one piece of plastic vs the original three, which allows the material to move fluidly and not put stress on one side or the other. Additionally, the hinge has been moved to the opening, vs it's previous location on the top of the toy. This give the hinge support by surrounding it and strengthening it with material, hence preventing cracking and dislodging. This isn't to say that the Flip Hole Series is bad or weak in any way, but there's always room for improvement. Plus, the Flip Hole and Flip Zero Series have completely different textures, so no matter which you go with, you're sure to pick up one of the best masturbators on the market, every time.


And in case you wanted to know, the Flip Zero Series has a vibrating version! How interesting! Throw some vibration into the mix and try the Flip Zero Vibration. Lots of men enjoy vibration, and sometimes that extra boost of stimulation you feel you're lacking, can be solved with a little vibration!


No matter who you are, one of these new beauties are sure to exceed your expectations. Masturbators are probably the hardest toy to shop for, above all others. You don't always get a good picture of whats inside or an example of what the toy will feel like. Tenga seems to surpass all of our expectations when it comes to clear and precise packaging, consistently silky soft material, interesting and fresh textures, and long lasting packaging. The next time you consider purchasing a toy that you want to invest in, let Tenga lead the way!



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