Using Sex Toys Together!

Using Sex Toys Together!

So many couples incorporate Sex toys into their sex lives but on occasion I will speak to a couple where one partner does not feel comfortable with this idea. Surprisingly its usually the men in the relationship who are like "I don't see why we need to use toys, am I not good enough" or "she wont need me anymore if she starts using that thing" Both notions are totally false. Using toys in the bedroom does not mean your "inadequate" it just means that there is so much room for even more pleasure and unlocking sensations and feelings that you have maybe never felt before. Toys can provide completely different sensations than another person can. 

For example did you know that the vast majority of women cannot have an orgasm through vaginal penetration, that they need clitoral stimulation in order to achieve that mind blowing orgasm. Why not use a small non intrusive vibrator during sex to stimulate your clitoris?  The Jimmy Jane Ascend 1 is a perfectly contoured and powerful vibrator for direct clitoral stimulation during penetration that will take you to new heights!! It's flat and fits perfectly over your erogenous zones, perfect for you or your partner to hold against the clitoris during intercourse in any position! 

Most men always look at oral as a little treat right? Why not spice things up by inserting a prostate toy in your mans back door while you perform oral on him?  Like the Naughty Boy Blue by Rocks Off! Its made out of 100% body safe silicone, super flexible and it vibrates! Prostate orgasms are out of this world, ask your partner if he would be up for something a little different but possibly A LOT more pleasurable.

Insert a Butt Plug in your back door during sex, for people who enjoy Anal stimulation and for those who are exploring anal stimulation. For those just starting out, inserting a small plug in your anus during intercourse can prepare you for anal sex, vibration can help relax the sphincters to get you ready for anal play! Anal Beads can mimic orgasmic sensations, pulling anal beads out make your sphincter muscles tighten and loosen over and over again and can mimic the same sensation as an orgasm, feel free to pull them out slowly one by one or really fast all at once!

Trying Fetish products or Bondage doesn't have to be scary. A lot of bondage is considered sensory play, the idea is to take one of your senses away and it will heighten all of the rest. For example putting a blindfold on your partner can be really exciting, they can't see what your doing so the anticipation builds and their forced to use their other senses like listening for sounds, smells and touches.

If you want to start off with something that is for both partners try a Couples Toy! There are all different kinds including ones for penises and vulva's! My favorite is the We Vibe Sync.

Unlike a lot of your more common Couples Toys that are meant to be worn on a Penis, The We Vibe Sync is meant to be worn on the vagina. The C shaped devise is contoured perfectly to fit the Vulva, not to mention there are two parts on the toy that are adjustable to widen the frame depending on the shape and size of your vulva. The larger part of the We Vibe with the We Vibe emblem on it sits on the clitoris and the smaller and more flat part goes inside the Vulva and tucks right into the G-spot. Your partner would then insert himself and while your getting direct and constant clitoral and G-spot stimulation, your partner will be feeling soft waves of vibration as well! Another fun bonus is that the We Vibe Sync works with an APP for Apple and Android. Going out to dinner for date night? Slip the We Vibe in and let your partner tease and please you all night from across the dinner table via the APP. Dare to be adventurous!

One of my favorite tools to use in the bedroom is a Position Aid. If you have never heard of this believe me when I say it's a bit of a life saver.

The Liberator Ramp is absolutely amazing for girls with big booties! Sometimes that Big Butt can get in the way of deeper penetration, the Liberator Ramp allows you to get into certain positions easier and more comfortably. Say for example your on all fours on the bed and your partner is standing straight up but you need a couple more inches for the maximum penetration, that's where the Ramp comes in!  

Basically Sex Toys are just an added bonus NOT a replacement. Think of them as an addition to your sex life, exploring together can be half of the fun! So keep calm and SEX on!


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