How to Spice up Your Relationship

How to Spice up Your Relationship

One of the most common reasons for divorce is a loss of intimacy, that spark you had when everything was new and exciting. Luckily there are many tips and tricks out there to get that spark back and to keep it.

Being in a long lasting relationships has many rewards but often times people who have been in a long relationship lose that spark and find themselves being more of room mates rather than lovers. If you are experiencing something similar to this, don't be discouraged, there are many solutions to this rut many couples get in.

Try Something New:

Whether its something new inside the bedroom or out of the bedroom, trying something new together can help you to reconnect. Get out of your comfort zone and try something you have never tried before. Take up a dancing class, try yoga, cooking classes can be fun, go to an adult store and get some ideas for bedroom fun!

Work on Self Esteem:

Sometimes people who are lacking passion in the relationship does not stem from becoming uninterested in your partner but by becoming less confidant in yourself. I have heard from many couples who find themselves in this vicious circle who are feeling badly about themselves and assume that they're partner feels the same way about them. Finding time to work on your own self esteem can be key to reigniting that flame in your relationship. It could be as simple as taking time to give yourself a little pamper, putting on your favorite outfit or reminding yourself of all of your positives instead of focusing on the negatives.

Make Time for Each Other:

Of course it is not always easy to set aside time for each other. Life, jobs, children, friends and family demand a lot of your attention on a daily basis. It is easy to take your loved one for granted and forget to put extra time in. Finding time for each other is very important for a relationship but does not always have to be huge gestures. Laying in bed at the end of the night and talking about your day, cooking a meal together, going on a walk after dinner, leaving sexy little notes around the house for when your partner comes home or just taking a little extra time being intimate with one another.

Talk About Your Fantasies:

Many couples don't openly and honestly communicate they're desires. This can be detrimental to your sex life because you become unsatisfied and bored and are not getting what you really need. A lot of people find that when they communicate their wants and needs that they're partner is happy to meet them and may have some wants and needs of their own to share. If your partner has fantasies about something your not quite sure of, take things slow, open your mind to the idea instead of shutting it down automatically. Sometimes if your partner sees that your at least willing to explore with them that can make a world of difference.

Explore Adult Toys:

A huge section of the Adult Industry is dedicated to couples. Whether you are in a heterosexual, bisexual, or homosexual relationship, there is something out there for you!


The We-Vibe Sync:

The We-Vibe is by far one of the best couple's toys on the market. The Sync is one of their latest and greatest versions of the original We-Vibe couples toy. The We Vibe is meant to be worn by the woman instead of the man, the "C" shaped toy allows you to have one part inside and one part sitting on the clitoris giving you constant clitoral stimulation during sex. With the part that's inserted (the part with the flat bottom) your partner can slide himself right underneath that and feels some vibration as well while maintaining constant penetration. Another unique feature of the We Vibe Sync is that it works with an app for Iphone and Android, for those feeling a little more adventurous. Simply wear the device while going out to dinner, the movies, dancing and allow your partner to play with the controls and setting on the app. We Vibe is a fun way to have a little foreplay with your intercourse!

EVA by Dame:

The Eva toy is a couples toy that leans more towards women. A good percentage of women cannot have an internal orgasm without having clitoral stimulation. The Eva is a hands free, strap free and non intrusive couples toy! For those women who desire constant clitoral stimulation the Eva's little arms tuck into the labia and the Eva sits on the clitoris giving you hands free vibration during intercourse. Now you don't have to use awkwardly shaped intrusive vibrators during sex to have a good time!

Strap on Kits: 

Sometimes health issues can play a huge role in intimacy. Erectile dysfunction is very common for men of all ages. Strap on Harness and Dildo Kits are a go to product for couples struggling with this. Strap on's are also a very great option for women couples who want vaginal penetration. Some strap on harnesses are designed specifically with men in mind.

The Deuce:

The Deuce is a harness made especially for men. Comfortable to wear without inconvenient straps, it wears just like underwear for a more simple approach to strap-ons. The Deuce assists men to prolong foreplay and keeps the love making going in between erections.

Bikini Strap on Set:

This bikini strap on set is great for women to wear. Easy and comfortable to wear with three way nylon straps and re-washable. The kit includes a Silicone 6.5 inch dildo. (Silicone is a non porous material which keeps it from absorbing moisture and collecting bacteria.)


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