Best Sex Toys for The Bedroom

Best Sex Toys for The Bedroom




So, you read our Benefits of Sex Toys for Your Relationship blog, and now you want to know the best toys for the bedroom, right? If you haven't checked out our previous blog and are still looking into how to bring up using toys during intimacy with your partner, I highly recommend giving that one a read first. If you've already read it and your partner's on board, then you're in the right place - we'll break down the best toys to use during penetrative sex in this blog!


Organizing them by category, we'll help you narrow down your options by only choosing toys that fit well between two bodies, so no matter what position you and your partner are in, these toys will work well. However, if a specific toy relies heavily on being used in a particular position, I'll discuss which positions work best! So don't worry; you'll find that this article makes it much easier to find what works for you.



Vibrating Cock Rings


When people think of toys to use during intercourse, this is the primary type that comes to mind first. Vibrating cock rings have their pros and cons, but many people swear by them due to how non-intrusive they are, which makes sense when you think about it; it's a toy that you don't have to hold yourself, and just straps onto the shaft of the penis or the base of a strap-on. The downside is that they only provide clitoral stimulation occasionally since they're not making constant contact during intercourse.


If vibrating cock rings are the route you want to go (mainly since it provides more stimulation to the wearer), we highly recommend the VeDO Roq ($55.99 in-store and online). This toy sure packs a punch with the amount of vibration power it has! The ring itself is decently stretchy enough to be a one-size-fits-most option for the wearer, and you can flip it upside down for testicle stimulation, too. The part that lays against either the clitoris or the testicles has a slight bump to help provide pinpoint stimulation too!



Air Pulsation


If you've tried toys like the Womanizer Premium 2 and fell in love with it, you'd likely want to incorporate that sensation during sex, but you found that most air pulsation toys are too wide or bulky to use in most positions. Luckily, a couple of options are perfect for intercourse, including the new Womanizer OG ($199.99 in-store and online) due to its long, thin handle. Yes, that toy is made for g-spot stimulation, but we've found that it works pretty well for clitoral stimulation, too!


Another great option is the We-Vibe Melt ($159.99 in-store and online) for its shape and how it utilizes the same motor as Womanizers - just without the extras like Womanizer's Smart Silence or Afterglow options. The Melt offers a great curved mouth to make it less intrusive and has a more extended handle to make it easy to hold onto, no matter your position. Plus, it's controllable through We-Vibe's app, available on Android and iOS, making the toy even easier to use during intercourse since you can change the intensity without fumbling with any buttons on the toy and taking away from the moment. Even better, you can have your partner download the app and control the toy so you can focus on your pleasure!





When people hear the word "wearable," they tend to think of toys like underwear vibrators - but wearable couples toys are a different category in and of themselves. Often they're app-compatible as well, making them an excellent option for those who hate the remotes that come with toys or don't like having to find the buttons on the toy itself when they're in the moment.


Wearable toys in a couples' toy sense are insertable toys designed to stay in during intercourse. These toys provide g-spot and clitoral stimulation and help increase the sensation for both participants during penetrative sex. Our top pick for wearable couples' toys is the We-Vibe Chorus ($219.99, in-store and online), and the feedback we've gotten on this toy, in particular, is stellar. Users love the convenience of the app, and they love how easy the toy is to use, too. I own one myself, and I can attest to how well it works - it has plenty of power in its vibration. The g-spot and clitoral stimulation combo is an excellent pathway to a mind-blowing blended orgasm, especially during intercourse!


If app-compatible toys aren't for you, and you love when toys look more luxurious yet subtle, the Deia Wearable ($189.99 in-store and online) might be just what you're looking for. I wrote a separate blog on the Wearable, where I review its power and usability, but I wanted to include it in this article due to its convenience, as well as how subtle the charging case is.


If you have kids, you may be nervous about them stumbling upon your toys by accident - this toy looks so mundane when it's in its case that your kids probably wouldn't even notice it. The charging case looks like a glasses case, so no one would know what it was unless you told them or they opened it! The size and shape of the case also make it easy to travel without worrying about TSA flagging your bag and discovering it.


The Wearable has two separate toys that can lock into each other. The remote itself is also a finger vibrator that can either be used for solely clitoral stimulation when using the toy solo or made so your partner can wear it so they can tell the same intensity the toy you're wearing is set to. Want to know more about the Wearable? Check out my entire review of the toy, from its functionality to its packaging and presentation when you see it on a shelf.



Finding toys that work during intercourse can be tricky - and if you've ever tried any of the toys we mentioned in this article only to find that they don't work for you, don't worry. Everyone's bodies are different, and some people may require other things to reach orgasm! Our educated staff can always help you find the perfect choice, but remember that sex toys are never one size fits all and may require you to undergo trial and error before you find your perfect fit.


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