Best Harness Compatible Dildos

Best Harness Compatible Dildos

Looking for the right harness-compatible dildo for you or your partner can be tough, especially when there's so many options and brands out on the market now, like Dr Skin, King Cock, Blush, Addiction, and more! Here at the Boutique, we have a few personal favorites that are a great starting point for anyone.


The main thing to keep in mind when looking for a harness compatible dildo is that it needs to have a flared base that's wide enough to support the weight of the dildo, so it doesn't slip out of the ring in the harness. We also highly recommend harnesses with swappable rings, like the Lux Fetish harnesses, in case you decide to go for a dildo with a bit more girth.





Fleshstixxx are our go-to favorite option for harness-compatible dildos due to their flexibility, flared suction cup base, and thermoreactive dual-density silicone! People love that these dildos are still soft to the touch and realistic-feeling, but can be put in a bowl of cool water to make it firmer, and for an added touch of temperature play! On the other hand, when you put them in warm water, they get more flexible and soft; it's like two toys in one!






Blush's Avant line of dildos are handcrafted and flexible, with a powerful enough suction cup that they can even be used without a harness. I own one of these myself, and their dildos are firm, but not hard and still to the point that they're uncomfortable. They come in plenty of different sizes and shapes too, so you're sure to find one you love!








The Shaft dildos are a newer, but still fantastic option as well! Perfect with a harness or without, due to their strong suction cup bases, these dildos are made with a dual density silicone to give it a soft, realistic feeling. They're available in three colorways and three sizes as well, so no matter what you like, there's something in this line for you.







Shopping for the right harness-compatible dildo doesn't have to be overwhelming! Choose the dildo that sounds best for whoever the receiver is. Whether you or your partner prefer more realistic-looking dildos or love the look of Avant's shape, there are plenty of options! And as long as whichever dildo you have your heart set on has a flared base, you can use it with a harness, no problem.


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