So You're Thinking about Swinging?

So You're Thinking about Swinging?

What is Swinging?

Swinging is a polyamorous practice in which both singles and partners engage in sex play with other partners. Swinging is a type of co-marital sex, Whether that be wife swapping, husband swapping or partner swapping. Although traditionally swinging has been used to refer to couples in committed relationships engaging in sexual activities with other couples, single people and non-committed partners can engage in swinging too. Swinging should be consensual, non-monogamous practice and can be a recreational and sometimes social in nature. Partners sometimes engage in sex separately by exchanging partners, or they may experience sex together as a form of group sex(4some or orgies). Additionally, swinging does not have to include sex at all. Swingers can include persons of all genders and sexual orientations.

Must be secure in your own relationship.

Even though swinging usually ends up with sex it isn’t as simple as that. Swinging is about creating a loving and nurturing sexual atmosphere.
Whether your at a party, with another couple or having a threesome.You should also have a great time drinking, socializing and just enjoying your newly found special friendship.

As swingers you should be able to separate form this social sex charges atmosphere to actual friendships and relationships. this open transparency is what creates the ability for your partner to trust and to love their partner in the swinging experience, Otherwise things could turn out disastrous for a couple not communicing expectations and getting jealous.

Swinging are sexual friendships and should not be confused with honest emotional  based friendships. Finding the right swinging partners can create friends and relationship that could eventually become lifelong friends. With all this feel good love about swinging. Even if there is a hint of jealousy, we would recommend you not try swinging. Real even good relationships can suffer if insecurities arise.


Do's and Dont's of Swinging

The first thing any couple should do when thinking about swinging is to openly communicate what each persons desires and expectations are for the experience. Swinging seems to work best when the woman's desires are understood and respected by the man. You should always be supportive of your partners desires. We have found this tends to lead to a better experience among partners in the lifestyle.

Respect your partners feeling, You should never go on about how big the guys penis is or how big her breast are. This just creates a situation of jealousy and may even bring out insecurities some people have about themselves.

Another big don't is not to be pushy, No means NO in the swinging lifestyle. You should never interrupt another group unless invited. Make sure that both are clear about what they are looking for in the lifestyle. Doesn't work as well when one wants full swing and the other wants just women or a man.

Swinging is there to enhance your relationship not repair it. If the relationship has Major problems? Swinging will likely bring them out, not make them go away.

Swinging, if done respectfully, can enhance your relationship by a mile. Should never be a fix to a problem. Do it if you want, stay away if you want, because indulgences like these really are to each their own!

there are many types of swinging. We would like to give a few examples of swinging situation.

1. Soft Swing - Couples usually engage in oral and touching but have intercourse with the other couple. Soft swing can also be when the girls play together without the man

Full Same Room Swing - This where couples fully exchange partners with the exception of the men don't interact with each other.

Full Swing in Separate Room - This is when couples split up and go to private rooms to explore their sexual needs. This removes the pressure of enjoying yourself too much in front of your partner.


What is a Swing Club

Swing clubs are an experience unlike any other. Most are set up for couples with fees that include a daily membership. Single Ladies are heavily discounted and in some cases free. Single men are usually limited on the weekends or restricted to weekdays. Swing clubs are a ON Premise bar that is usually B.Y.O.B due to state or county restrictions. A private club of sort. there is most likely a front room or bar which is used for meeting, mingling and sensual dancing. Sometimes this is the best part of the club. A great way to meet people and find out if there are mutual attractions for all. Later in the evening couples or singles whom have found play partners can choose to go to a back room. Most backrooms will either be an orgy or voyeur style room in which a lot of people are having sex. This is a great way to just watch and get comfortable with this sex charged atmosphere. There are usually private or themed rooms in which smaller groups can break off for some sexy play. Swing club or swinging isn't for everybody so please respect all around you.


Website's are Great for Swinging

There are many websites out there for meeting people for sex. Sites like Tinder, Grinder and Bumble are more geared towards singles but since some sites are very sex forward. You can occasionally meet a third but the swing sites are geared towards people wanting to live the lifestyle not just hook up. Some of the most popular site are,, and These sites are set up by profile and what you may be looking for. They also have limited access until you pay the monthly fee. Still a great way to look at people in the lifestyle and help determine what you maybe are looking for or what turns you on. These sites are perfect if you have a public profession where you prefer not everyone to know your business. You can contact people privately and in a lot of cases you can pick whom can see your pictures, giving you an anonymity that you would not have at a club. So go ahead and fill out your profile today. Remember that what you list in your profile will decide which people will be set as matches for your new sexual experience.


Swinging and Sex Toys

Sex toys are a great to add to swinger play. A vibrator can be used as an extra penis or is perfect in girl/girl play. Double dongs and Strap On's are great addition to play. Especially in a completely open bi sexual play among couples. These are also great for Bi Soft Swing. If insertable toys are used, we suggest putting condoms over any sex toy when playing with more than just your partner.




whether your a newbie or just curious? swinging is a great way to test your sexual boundaries. Make sure you know what you are getting into and respect for all around you. remember you may not be the only new person to this experience. We always suggest looking online before you go to a club just to see what swinging is all about.





Written by Tim Sizemore

Owner, Operator and Sex Educator at Intimates Boutique

Have been owner of Intimates Boutique for 20 years. I am certified in sexual education and sex toy expert. Sharing my knowledge is one of my biggest passions. Hope you enjoy the information.


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