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Perceptions About The Penis

Perceptions About The Penis

These are some interesting stats about penises...

Sexual Habits and Preferences

  • 25% of men report masturbating almost every day compared to 8.7% of women
  • 23.2% of respondents have never masturbated with a partner. Among those who have, it is an infrequent occurrence; once or twice in life (16.6%), a few times per year (21.6%), or once per month (15.2%)
  • 35.5% of respondents receive oral sex from a partner once or more a week
  • 40.3% report giving a partner oral sex once or more per week
  • 57.8% have vaginal intercourse once or more a week
  • 41.5% have never had anal intercourse
  • 55.1% of women state they have faked an orgasm compared to 30.7% of men
  • Women report either they (47.4%) or their partner (43.4%) orgasms first
  • Men report their partner (46.3%) orgasms first or they orgasm at the same time as their partner (36.6%)
  • Women state that sex currently lasts an average of 10 minutes but they would ideally like sex to last 15 minutes or more than 20 minutes
  • Men state sex currently lasts an average of 10 minutes but they would ideally like sex to last more than 20 minutes


Penis Perceptions: Comparing Partners to Men's Opinions

  • 65.9% state it is 'quite a bit' or 'a little bit' their responsibility to give their partner an erection
  • The majority (50.2%) are very comfortable seeing their partner unaroused (flaccid) compared to only 26.3% of men who state they are very comfortable
  • 51.4% of partners prefer a circumcised penis or have no preference (39.3%) largely based on experience, appearance and considerations of hygiene/cleanliness
  • 45.0% of men wish their penis was longer in length
  • 65.9% of all respondents state they agree it isn't the size of the boat but it's the motion of ocean
  • Penis size is less important than creativity (71.9%), sexual communication (77.6%), experience (69.1%), connection (76.6%), or attraction (61.9%)


Premature Ejaculation:

  • The most commonly cited belief is that anxiety (37.6%) causes premature ejaculation
  • Woman on top and side by side were selected as the positions that are most likely to slow down ejaculation
  • Doggy style is stated to be the position that most speeds up ejaculation
  • Most state they would discuss their or their partner's penis problem with their partner(70.4%), a doctor (58.9%), a therapist (40.7%)
  • Women are more likely than men to state they would discuss the problem with a friend (33% of women versus 20.3% men)
  • 57.1% report ejaculation before they want to 25-50% of the time
  • 64.2% report frustration at some time (25%-100% of the time) due to ejaculating before desired
  • 47.3% report being concerned half the time or more that their time to ejaculation leaves their partner sexually unfulfilled
  • 45.7% state they would be willing to try a penis enhancement product 'to last longer'
  • 90% of partners state that their partner's ejaculatory control is important


Erectile Dysfunction:

  • 67.5% report their erection is usually completely hard and fully rigid with 22.7% reporting their penis is hard enough for penetration but not completely hard
  • 83.0% believe that erectile dysfunction impacts providing sexual pleasure in some way
  • 79.6% believe erectile dysfunction impacts impressing a partner
  • 39.7% state they would be willing to try a penis enhancement product for erectile difficulties
  • 49.3% of partners state erectile dysfunction would impact their self esteem quite a bit or very much.

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