Self-Quarantining with your boo? Try these unique sex positions!

Self-Quarantining with your boo? Try these unique sex positions!

Here at Intimates Boutique, we are hoping that everyone is safe and healthy! With that being said, we want to help you make the best out of your self-quarantine with your significant other! This list of different sex positions will not be your average positions. We're here to mix it up and get creative. We dare you to try at least three on this list!

1. X Marks the Spot:

This one is pretty simple and works great for for wanting to give a tighter feeling around the giver's penis when penetrating! The receiver will lay back and cross either their ankles or their knees. You will then put your legs into the air allowing your partner to penetrate you while your legs/ankles are crossed.

Pro tip: Use lots of lube for easy gliding!

2. The Butter Churner:

You might want to make sure you're a bit flexible for this one... Start off with you the receiver, laying on your back with your legs raised and folded over so that your ankles are on either side of your head. Your partner will then squat over you and penetrate you.

Pro tip: You may want to do this position on the floor as doing it on the bed will make it difficult for your partner to stand up.

3. Snow Angel:

A new take on plain old missionary! You, the receiver, will lay on your back while your partner will lay on top of you. The difference here will be that your partner will lay with their head by your feet. Your partner will then penetrate you.

Pro tip: The receiver can actually control the speed of thrusting by grabbing their partner's bottom and pulling them towards you.

4. The Octopus:

This position is not for the one's who don't particularly like eye contact. To begin, you and your partner will both sit on the bed facing each other with legs slightly spread and knees bent. The receiver will put one leg on each of your partners shoulders allowing full access for your partner to penetrate them.

5. The Wheel Barrow:

This position may take a bit of upper body strength from both parties involved. To start, the receiver will lay down on the ground on their stomach. Your partner will stand in between your legs and pick up each leg. While your partner is holding your legs they can enter you.

Pro tip: This can also be done while on the bed but with your partner kneeling instead of standing up.

6. Olympus:

This position is called Olympus because it feels like the climb up to heaven! Your partner will have to show their upper body strength with this one. as they will start by picking you up and carrying you. You will wrap your legs around your partner which will make it easier for them to control the speed of their thrusting.

Try not to take these positions too seriously! We have a feeling you may need to be a pro to accomplish some of these. Can you successfully do some of these positions? You never know until you try!

In case you'd like to add some positioning fun into your bedroom, check out all of our positioning aids here.


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