Thoughts on Lora DiCarlo Baci

Thoughts on Lora DiCarlo Baci

I had very high expectations for this toy and by extension the brand itself. I have heard great things about other toys in this line but my sights were more set on the Baci. I've tried my fair share of Air Pulsation toys such as the Womanizer, Satisfyer, the We Vibe Melt, The Lelo Sona and Sila. I have a lot of love for the Womanizer Suction toys as I have never been disappointed by any of them. The We Vibe Melt also is a favorite of mine.

I tried the Lelo Sona after all of the hype circulating around it but to be honest I was not very fond of it, I found it to be too aggressive on the clitoris while other people absolutely loved it. The Lelo Sila is also really high up there on my list along with the Womanizers. The Baci however I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with, it's not horrible but there were some things I was a bit disappointed in that I felt were overlooked in the design process.

The thing that I love about Air Pulsation toys so much is that I am able to have multiple orgasms in a row without it overly stimulating the clitoris and making it become numb or too sensitive like vibrators do. The Baci did the job adequately for the first orgasm but nothing too special but when it came time to try to have a second orgasm it was extremely difficult. I personally think it has to do with the design flaw and how flat the suction part is on the Baci.

 If you look at the Womanizer, Satisfyer and the Melt you'll notice they're all very similar in their shape, the suction part of the toy protrudes and allows better and easier access to the clitoris. The Baci however is really flat and therefor a lot harder to latch onto and stay on the clitoris, I found that I had to keep readjusting and moving it around to find the right spot before eventually giving up and turning to the Lelo Sila.

The other problem I have with the Baci, again another design flaw that I believe was overlooked when being made is the size of it and how its shaped. Most other air pulsation toys have some sort of handle or are slim making them easier to hold onto. The Baci is round and bulky and I find it hard and a bit annoying to hold onto. It's also practically impossible to use during sex with a partner because of how bulky it is.

One of my favorite things about the Womanizer and the We Vibe Melt is the handle and the sleekness of the toy which makes it really easy to use during sex regardless of the position. Whereas the Baci is too big to fit between two people comfortably which is a shame because the Air Pulsation toys are in my opinion one of the best toys to use during sex especially if your a woman who needs clitoral stimulation in order to be brought to orgasm.

I only ended up using the Baci the one time because I felt really disappointed in its functionality and felt it was overpriced for all of the negative points it hit for me. That being said I also was not at all a fan of the Lelo Sona while every single one of my co workers absolutely loves it and its a Best Seller. What works for one person most certainly does not mean it will for someone else and vise versa. I personally was not a big fan of this particular toy but have had positive feedback on it from other customers. Just goes to show that there really is something for everyone!!


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