Using the Back Door: A Solo Guide to Anal Play

Using the Back Door: A Solo Guide to Anal Play

Anal play is so fun and stimulating, but enjoying it all can get overwhelming, with or without a partner. Positioning is seriously tricky when it's just you, so in this blog, we're going to brainstorm a couple of new ways to play back there without feeling like a pretzel when you're finished. We'll visit some lengthy toys that can certainly help our length difference, and visit some stationary anal toys that move, groove and make your body happy. While we talk about this topic, please keep a couple Anal Facts in mind!

  • Swallow it Whole - Please only use anally safe toys in the anus. When your anus really likes something, it will pull in, and if your toy doesn't have a flared base at the end of it, that can sometimes mean a trip to the emergency room.
  • Every Last Bead - Listen, it's totally fine to only insert 2 of the 8 beads on the string of anal beads, there is nothing wrong with you and you're not missing out on anything. Only bite off as much as you can chew, and remember that when it comes to our bodies, each persons journey is personal and individual; comparing your anal journey to someone else's is inherently unrealistic and mentally unhealthy.
  • Butt Loads of Lube - I'm not sure you can even have too much lube. I've certainly had a time or two where my butt plug feels like slippery soap and evades my pleasure spots no matter the cost, but once I get that thing in there, I'm grateful for the buckets of lube I applied before hand. Alternatively, discover the Lube Shooter! This is a super kinky way to get lube in those hard to reach crevasses without getting it all over the place. 

New Techniques

We all know the struggle of wanting to have something glide in and out, while trying to find a position that allows that comfortably. We've done the bending over and reaching back, we've put pillows below our hips just so we can have a better angle, and we've tried finding those super long, super slim dildos, maybe they vibrate, maybe they don't. The struggle is real, and there has just got to be something else for this problem, right? Let's look at a couple of fool proof accessories that have really helped the solo adventurer on their anal excursion.

Liberator Series Accessories

Liberator is a company that designs bedroom adventure gear fit with a removable microfiber cover, and a high density foam interior than has the ability to hold most body weight. These advanced pillows are ideal for holding the hips, back or whole body elevated. The one above is the Wedge, which gives the user a 7 inch difference in height, while the 24 inches of width support the back with superb comfort.

Other shapes like the Jaz, Ramp and Hipster (seen above) add additional height, allowing easier access to the booty. The Ramp and Hipster are also great tools for bending over and reaching behind. The high density foam supports the body while staying sturdy, yet comfortable.

The Search for Longer Anal Toys; Vibration Series 

Anal beads are typically the longer anal toys on the market, but that isn't to say you can't find other things. Longer and thinner dildos can be ideal for solo anal play, since they provide the length necessary to get back there. While getting a vibrating long, slim dildo will certainly be a little harder to find, it isn't impossible. Though, I haven't found too many of these kinds of toys that aren't made of TPR or TPE, so I would highly recommend keeping condoms in mind when you do find that nice, long, vibrating dildo. You'll have more luck with non-vibrating toys and double ended toys, but that isn't to say those are your only options. This is a "Color Outside The Lines" kind of situation, we're going to have to apply a little imagination to this dilemma. Let's visit some toy options and talk about the benefits of each option.

The Vedo Quaker beads come rechargeable or battery operated, and while the rechargeable option will certainly be more powerful, consider the fact that over-stimulation can lead to discomfort. Sometimes light vibration does the job just fine, plus, battery operated toys are typically less expensive than rechargeable toys. The Quaker is a 5 bead string with a more solid core, which is ideal for thrusting in and out, if that's your thing. Floppy, loose beads like the Flexi Felix are much much harder, if not impossible to thrust in and out with, but are great for leaving inside of you until you're ready to pull them out either before or during your orgasm!

Dildos for the Back Door; Non Vibrating

Some of our favorite pegging/anal sized dildos are the Pride Series from Avant! Two of the three of these cuties are P and G spot shaped, and can add a really new sensation to your playtime. The P3, the pinkest of the 3, is phallic looking for those who really want something realistic feeling, and has a nice head for teasing and rimming.

Alternatively, the Tantus Silk series is a slick and non-phallic line that offers three different sizes of dildos. No matter if you're a seasoned anal explorer or you're right out of the training kit, either one of these 3 sizes will be a great match. Each size has a flat base, so they can all be used with a harness, OR can be used in my Super Special Secret that I'll share later on...

The Small is a lovely pinky-sized girth, about 3 inches in circumference, and is fantastic for a beginner/someone who just likes a little penetration. The Medium has a girth of 4 inches, making it a little more life like in size at 5.5 inches in length. This is a fantastic sized dildo for those aiming to achieve skin-to-skin penetration eventually! For those who want even more girth and length, the Large size is 4 3/4 inches circumference, and has 7 inches to insert. This guy is pretty large, even for vaginal at times, but Tantus is a big fan of giving the customer plenty of options.

Super Special Secret Time

This isn't really a secret as much as it's a handy trick no one figures to try. When presented with a length difference, you can attach two dildos together if one has a suction cup and the other at least has a flat base. How you would do this, is you would take your flat base or other dildo, and slap the first one on there. At this point you have fashioned your own at-home double sided dildo, which now allows you to penetrate hard to reach places with a long, make shift double dong.


***Here's an example of the D1 by Avant, which has a strong suction cup base, and the Tantus Cush Candy which has a flat, flared base. ***



Let's get on with the plugs...

Stationary Fun; Special Vibrating Plugs 

Pretty much anyone who enjoys anal has had a plug of sorts at one point or another, but I bet you have never seen or had any of these crazy beautiful goodies! None of these will include weighted plugs since I have no personal experience on them, but I do know if the plug is heavy in your hand, it's going to be way too heavy for your kegels. So if you're inexperienced with kegel exercising, I wouldn't at all recommend a heavy stainless steel plug of any sort. Enjoy all the silicone plugs you can get your hands on though!

G-Plug BioSkin by FunToys

The G-Plug by FunToys features their patented BioSkin silicone material, which is exactly why I picked this toy to feature here! This plug is nice and round for those fans of fullness out there, and it's BioSkin texture makes this plug the softest, squishiest plug I've ever touched. Unlike bulbous plugs you've bought before, the G-Plug's texture allows maximum comfort when playing. To allow easier passage and comfort, since the G-Plug is rechargeable and submersible, you can enjoy your play time in the shower or bath! The material moves with your body and allows your tush to enjoy squeezing down on these sweet, luscious vibrations without feeling blown out. Gone are the days of hard-as-a-rock butt plugs, hello to the comfortable G-Plug!

Petite Rimming Plug by B-Vibe


The Petite Plug by B-Vibe is so damn cool. Like so cool. It's got such a genius little function to it! The Petite Rimming Plug has moving beads around the base of the stem which stimulate the outside rim of the anus with amazing vibration and movement! Doesn't that sounds heavenly? Why don't more butt plugs have a rimming motor?! Another nice thing about this beauty is that it comes with a remote control, which makes changing the speeds a breeze. Getting this plug means purchasing a whole new anal experience, not just a new plug.


Thank you for taking the time to read my suggestions for an easier anal experience. While this blog focused on solo play, note that almost all of these toys can be played with by a partner should you have one handy. There are always more innovative toys coming out, so don't give up the search and always know your local adult store is there to help you along the way.


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