7 Must have Fetish Toys

7 Must have Fetish Toys

Cuffs or Restraints

This is a must have from beginner to advanced fetish play. There are many types of restraints and handcuffs. All of them offering a unique experience. The two main types are cuff, wrist and ankle. The ankle style will usually have a little more length to the chain or strap that connects the 2 cuffs. Cuffs are a way of saying who is in control. Most couples have a person whom wants to control and the other who wants control taken away. Why is this? Sometimes some people like to be told what to do. This is actually a sexual turn on. Adding a blindfold can make it more of a mystery since you cannot see what your partner is doing next. Sincerely Cuffs are a great first choice. Heavy duty enough but still sexy.


Paddles or Floggers

Paddles and floggers are a great way to add sensory play to any fetish situation. Paddles having more of slap or thud effect. For someone who likes a little slap of the butt or anywhere else the is a sexual turn on. Paddles come in many forms? Some have an extra panel which creates a loud popping sound when done correctly. These Paddles can also be thick with a lot of density. This type of paddle has more of a thud effect when used. Floggers can work the same as paddles. The biggest difference id the tips of the flogger can be used with a whip like snap. This is more of a stingy feeling as the tips hit the skin. Thicker floggers can also be thud in sensation. Floggers are great when dragged lightly across the body. Creating another way to play with sensory items. This paddle has a soft thud side and a leather pop side.


Blindfolds and Mask

Blindfolds are a must have when trying any type of fetish play. Just having the blindfold on will make any sexual act more fun. Blindfolds bring the other senses into play when used. Smell, hearing and how things feel are different when blindfolded. Sensory play being one of the funnest parts of fetish play. Mask aren't just about hiding your identity. Keeping things more anonymous and a sense of mystery between you and your partner. Either one of these will make you feel less in control, which for some an extreme sexual turn on.


Electric Stimulation Sex Toys

Electro Stimulation toys are a different kinds of fetish toys. These toys incorporate in a light tingly electric shock. Why would you do this? Because different sensations on the body can signal sexual turn on's you didn't know you had. I will give you an example of how these toys work? Like a Tens Machine, these toys put out very low frequency electric shock. When applied to nipples or the clitoris, it can be very stimulating to some. Now this type of sexual pleasure isn't for everyone. but as far as a fetish item you should try. There are many choices like electro wands to Kegel toys that help women maintain thier strength in their pelvic floor. Which can help with other physical and sexual issues.


Whartenberg Wheels

These wheels come in a variety of shapes and sizes and most of them actually don't hurt. They are great to roll lightly against the skin and nipples. More adventurous people might even roll it over rate clitoris. This might seem extreme to some but the the wheels them selves don't cause much in the way of pain. In the cases that they are multiple wheels they cause even less pain since the multiple wheels spreads out the pressure so you only feel a small pointy feeling when in use. This is another sensory based toy. Which is quite common pithing the BDSM umbrella. as it may be used mainly as a rolling toy, if pressure is applied you could easily cause pain if that is your turn on with your partner. If you do pain related play? We always advise you to have and practice play with a safe word. 


Ball Gag

Ball gags come in many shapes and forms. This type of fetish toy is more about control. It gives the non wearer a sense of power. The other cannot speak and there for play submissive. The control play works both ways. Some people prefer to be controlled. we have found people in power positions in life sometimes prefer to be told what to do. There are many styles to choose from. Ball gags and bit gags are our favorites. Bit gags don't open the mouth as much which makes them my more comfortable during longer play sessions.




Rope is one of the funnest fetish items you could have in your collection. It can be used simply or for the truly super advanced. Suspension knots with people hanging from ceilings is by far the most advanced things you could do with a rope. We even hold classes in our store with staff teaching customers some basic short rope knots. These classes are perfect for beginners hoping to learn a few new knots. Tieing your partner to a bed or a chair can be the ultimates control play. Maybe add the blindfold and sensory play and you have one kinky evening. Go ahead, take a chance and explore your sexual desires.


Whether you try some of these items or you buy them all. Each of the items are a great way to start your collection. So go ahead and take control and have a fun time. When someone asked you what you did this weekend? Just smile and say" I was a little tied up" and give them a wink. They will only get jealous. 



Written by Tim Sizemore

Owner, Operator and Sex Educator at Intimates Boutique

Have been owner of Intimates Boutique for 20 years. I am certified in sexual education and sex toy expert. Sharing my knowledge is one of my biggest passions. Hope you enjoy the information.



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