Top 5 Condoms You Should Be Using

Top 5 Condoms You Should Be Using

So, you read our Condoms 101 blog and are ready to pick something out, but don't know which brands are the best. We're here to break down our top 5 condoms that work for everyone, no matter what size or sensation you're looking for!



RFSU Profil or Birds n Bees/NAKKEN

These condoms, one of Europe's top brands of condoms and imported from Sweden, feature a unique design to them with their contoured shape. If you prefer thin but still strong condoms, this is a fantastic choice! The Profil style is your standard thin condom, but the NAKKEN style has a textured surface that buyers love. Unfortunately, these are only available in-store (sorry online shoppers), but they're definitely worth giving a try.






Trojan Ultra Thin

Honestly, it just wouldn't be a top condoms list if we didn't mention Trojan at least once. Ultra Thins are great for people who want more sensation, but still want to protect themselves or want to prevent pregnancies. Personal tip is to definitely use extra lubricant with these condoms, though! That way, you're not adding too much friction to an already very thin barrier method.





Trojan ENZ

Trojan's classic design is still around! Though the blue ones come with lubricant pre-added, they also offer a non-lubricated option. These are a great option for if you don't care about any designs like ribs or studs with your condoms! Plus, they also have this classic available with spermicide, just in case.




Skyn Elite Large

If you fit into Magnums but want to try something new, or you or your partner have a latex allergy, Skyn condoms are absolutely the way to go. The Elite Large is comparable to Magnum's size with width, without you having to sacrifice using a protective barrier due to allergies or concerns. Though the Elite Large, which is a bit thinner and softer than the Original collection, is only available in store for us, we do have the classic Skyn Large on the website, so take a peek and find what's best for you!




Skyn Original

The tried and true non-latex condom; Skyn condoms are designed to be so thin that you don't have to sacrifice any sensation, while still keeping you and your partner safe from STDs or preventing a pregnancy. However, these condoms are silicone-based, so if you're going to be using them with additional lubricant, stay away from silicone lubricant. If you're looking for something even thinner than the Original, but still want to give Skyns a try, check out their Elite option.




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