Wands vs. Satisfyers!

Wands vs. Satisfyers!

Everyone has their go-to toy, or if you don't, you can think of a toy that you know will always get the job done - your Life Staple, if you will. Today I want to talk about the two toys nearest to my heart and definition of my Life Staple; the Wand and the Satisfyer. Both very clitoris friendly toys, the Wand and Satisfyer have a wide variety of similarities and differences. While they are both super powerful and besties with the clitoris, they each have different features that really separate those who love their wand, and those who tell their wand "Honey, you're just not doing it for me."

Let's Talk About Wands!

Let's talk about Wands! An absolute favorite of mine since the beginning of my sexual journey, my wand has always been there for me, in the best of times and in the worst of times. Jam packed with incredible power, the wand style vibrator has been an easy pick for beginners or vulva-owners whom just aren't getting enough power from even the most crazy powerful bullet. With a cushioned head and a flexible neck, the wand allows a soft bed to rest on the clitoris and wide range in which to turn and bend the cushion, as well as apply pressure to the desired pleasure area. For the Magic Wand, there are adapters for the head of the wand as well! Head adapters can come in a variety, from G-spot to Rabbit style. Wands can come battery operated, rechargeable or with a wall outlet, and of course the more power the wand has flowing throughout it, the more powerful it will be. The downside to this is that the most powerful wands will typically require a wall outlet. Wands can also be a little too big for the bedroom. The elongated design doesn't necessarily cater to those looking for a smaller, more discrete method of pleasure.

Is your Wand too powerful?

Something rarely touched on with toys is that, if you have a super high powered, "shake the walls and the whole package" toy and use it often, sometimes you will feel less of the sensation. This is called desensitizing the area. It happens when an area gets too much stimulation constantly and then says to your brain, "oh, this is normal. We need more movement than this to get anywhere." The wand can be a toy that easily desensitizes the pleasure areas. Because the vibrations are so awesome and powerful, it isn't uncommon for a person's pleasure areas to become numb. If you are a very sensitive person, or this is something you don't think you'd enjoy, perhaps the Satisfyer is the better choice for you!

Satisfy Me!

Oh, the Satisfyer. My new lovechild, my pride and joy. The Satisfyer is a really interesting device, because unlike the wand or anything else that goes buzz, it is actually most closely related to the pump! The Satisfyer's unique technology allows for full on clitoral stimulation. The nosy nozzle at the end allows the user to pinpoint the clitoris and sit it right on top. Then, the vacuum-type technology sucks on the clitoris and draws blood into it, just like a pump! This then makes the clitoris super sensitive, and ready for orgasm after orgasm! I have heard this device is really amazing as a foreplay toy as well, as it gets the vulva-owner prepped, comfortable and ready for intercourse. Just like any good toy, though, the Satisfyer can send too much information, or be too intense for the user. The sucking/pumping action is a constant flow, so at times the clitoris needs a second or two of a break between constant stimulation. The Satisfyer, sometimes, just isn't the right fit for someone because of this. At times the blood flow can become too much, and can cause discomfort and maybe cause the user to take break from their session. Whether the user has it too high of a setting, or they're just really sensitive at this stage in play, users tend to dislike if they have to pause and take a moment. Constant play time is the goal!

The Perfect Toy for Me!

In the end, everybody and everybody's body is different and love different sensations. The best way to pick out the perfect toy is to ask yourself - What do I need? What is it that could make my experience even more amazing? Is an awesome Wand my Life Staple, or are there other things that could rock my boat harder? The most important thing to do is ask yourself what your needs are, don't be embarrassed to ask questions, and try everything! Even if that big ol' wand across the room looks intimidating, if it's calling for you, you're probably meant to be - or meant to meet his less intense cousin. When it comes to personal pleasure, there's always room to experiment, go farther, and achieve sensations you never thought were possible!




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