Picking The Perfect Lubricant

Picking The Perfect Lubricant

So you have the perfect toy picked out or you're still setting up for a fun night but 'Oh No!' You are missing lubricant and there are so many choices! Where do you look, what do you get, why are there so many kinds? Well have no fear because I am here to answer those burning questions and help pick out the perfect lube!

When I am talking people about all the lubricants, the first question I tend to ask is "Are you using any toys" or "What are you using it for?" Those two questions tell me almost everything that I need to know!

Water Based Lubricants

Water bases tend to be everyone's choice because their quick clean up, they are toy safe no matter what, and come in many varieties. They tend to also have some pretty basic ingredients and are more likely to come in organic formulas. The biggest down side to water bases is that you have to reapply multiple times and they tend to get a little sticky or tacky after a while.

Some of our favorites are Good Clean Love (95% organic), System Jo H2O, and Sliquid Satin (staff favorite).

Silicone Lubricants

Silicone based lubricants are perfect for the person who wants longevity in a lubricant. You tend to not have to reapply very often or at all. They are perfect for anyone doing any anal play because it coats the skin instead of soaking into it. One of the bigger downsides of a silicone lube is that you can't use it with a silicone toy because it will cause a chemical reaction and eat away at the material of your toy. But! You can use glass and metal toys with silicone lubricant!

Some of our favorites are UberLube (in-store exclusive), System Jo Xtra Silky, and Pjur (cult classic).

Oil Based Lubricants

Oil bases are perfect for someone who wants something on the more natural side. They are good for massages and intercourse. Most of the time the main oil used is coconut oil so be aware of allergies. The biggest downside of oil bases is that you can't use them with condoms because they cause the latex to break down very quickly.

Some of our favorites are Sliquid Soul (staff favorite), Elbow Grease, and System Jo Coconut Oil Hybrid (best seller).

Hybrid Lubricants

Our favorite! Hybrids are perfect for everything! Most of the time they are a mix of silicone and water. I know you hear silicone and you say "Didn't you say silicone isn't safe for toys?" Yes, but in a hybrid there is 20% or less silicone in it and it is safe for all toys! Including your silicone toys. They have all the benefits of a pure silicone like longevity but has an easier cleanup.

Some of our favorites Naked Silk (best selling in-store), Spunk (top top selling), Wicked Simply (naturaly anti-bacterial).

I hope that this quick little guide helps you in your lubricant endeavors!



Written by Charlie (They/He)

Sex Educator at Intimates Boutique

I have been a certified sexual health expert here since Nov 2018. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and even learning some more along the way!



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