Best Lubricants by Type: Part 1

Best Lubricants by Type: Part 1

Personal lubricants are something everyone--yes, everyone--should incorporate into their sex life, but knowing which one to pick when faced with so many choices can be difficult. I'm here to break down our favorite water-based, hybrid, silicone, and flavored lubricant, so no matter what you're looking for, you know what our top picks are!


Water-based lubricants are safe to use with any toy you come across, whether it's silicone, metal, or glass, and are safe to use with any type of condom as well. Due to the high water content, you may find yourself needing to reapply more frequently.

Sliquid - This glycerin- and paraben-free formula is loved by many who have sensitivities to most lubricants! Most of the line is organic, and the Sliquid Sea is our favorite recommendation for those who are health-conscious, since it contains carrageenan, which is known to help rebuild the tissue of the vaginal walls.

JO H2OLatex safe, odor and fragrance free, and doesn't stain or leave any residue. This lubricant is water soluble, so clean up is quick and easy. It's a bit thicker than your standard water-based lubricant, but doesn't dry down sticky or tacky.


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