Celebrate Your Curves; A Guide to Choosing Plus Sized Lingerie

Celebrate Your Curves; A Guide to Choosing Plus Sized Lingerie

Its time to celebrate our bodies! I'm here to tell you that lingerie can be sexy in any size. As thicker women, we tend to think that we don't look good in lingerie or that our size holds us back from putting on that skimpy lace underwear... However, more times than not, we are our own worst enemies when it comes to our insecurities. We make ourselves feel uncomfortable and tend to hold ourselves back. If you're looking for sexy lingerie and toys, this women's plus size lingerie guide is here to help you conquer the in's and out's of plus size lingerie shopping. And after reading this guide, if you are still confused about where to start, stop by our boutique, the sexiest lingerie store in Naples, Fl.



As full figured women, we tend to settle for anything that covers our tummies but don't be scared of this form fitting, one-piece. A teddy is meant to give your legs a longer appearance as well as accentuate your curves in all the right places and trust me ladies, we have all the right curves to fit this classic and seductive piece of lingerie. Teddies are very similar to body suits as they are a one-piece, often with a snap crotch for easy access when needed. They can come with many different necklines, including: plunging, halter, collared and sweetheart. And can be detailed with lace, harness straps or sheer mesh. Teddies are the perfect sexy piece to add a little spice to your night. You can find the teddy pictured above in our store and online.


Baby Dolls

If you're a woman that feels more comfortable with a little bit of coverage while keeping that enticing edge to your outfit, a baby doll is right for you. A baby doll will provide you with a tight fitting top that will push up your breasts while the bottom is loose and free flowing which can accentuate curves or cover any insecurities that you might have. If you're buying lingerie for the first time but are a bit intimidated by all your options, I recommend starting with a baby doll as they are just the right amount of sexy and sweet combined together.


High-Waist Two Pieces

As a curvier girl myself, I tend to love any piece of clothing that is high waist. My insecurities usually lie within my tummy area/love handles so high waist items do an excellent job of hiding the little bit of tummy that you may not want to show off. They can vary in design, anywhere from simple full coverage bottoms to bottoms that have intricate lacy patterns and/or sexy cut outs to show more skin. Usually paired with a type of bra such as a push up, shelf, or demi cup. They can also be worn with a pair of garters and stockings. High waist two pieces are simple yet they are captivating enough to make you feel beautiful for not only your partner but for yourself. This piece is my absolute favorite and my go to high waist set.



A bustier is one hot piece of lingerie. It is a tight, shape-hugging design that is excellent for showcasing your natural curves and lifting your breasts. The top usually consists of a demi cup, halter, or sweetheart neckline; and can be paired with a g-string, garters and a sexy pair of stockings. Bustiers are a super trendy lingerie style and will help you achieve that hour glass figure that will blow your partner's mind.



If you're looking for a casual and comfortable look while keeping those flirtatious vibes, a nightwear romper is what you're looking for. A romper can be worn as a pajama, for lounging around the house or for spicing up your night with your partner. Rompers are a comfy one piece that usually have a cheeky bottom. They can have a plunging or sweetheart neckline and can also be button downs. Rompers are a great choice for any woman that feels more comfortable in something a little more relaxed.



The perfect accessory to any sexy lingerie outfit is a robe. A robe can be worn over any piece of lingerie, or even on its own. If you need an extra boost of confidence before you present yourself to your partner, a robe can give you that bit of coverage to make you feel comfortable. Robes can come in many different styles such as: Silk, sheer satin, or lace. They can be short or long in length. Robes can also give off a feeling of mystery that will leave your partner wondering about whats underneath them.


Garter Belts

Garter belts are a curvy girl's best friend. Most of the time made out of delicate lace or seductive mesh, garter belts sit comfortably on your hips. If a woman is insecure with her belly, a garter belt can help conceal any insecurities while looking sexy. Attaching your garter belt to your thigh highs will also help keep your stockings from rolling down. Garter belts can be worn under your clothing as a wonderful surprise for your partner later on in the evening.



Thigh highs can add that extra oomph to any sexy outfit. They are a type of stocking that comes up to about mid-thigh often with a lace top. The two most popular styles are fishnet and sheer nylons. Thigh highs help accentuate your bottom and help your legs appear slimmer. You can hold the thigh highs up by attaching a garter belt to them. Many thigh highs are now coming with a silicone band around the inside of the top that keeps your stockings from slipping down or dragging. A classy and alluring accessory that can finish out your look for a special night.


So to all of my curvaceous queens, go be bold, and be sexy! Remember how important it is to love yourself the way that you are. Having a fun and special night with your partner should not be dampened by your insecurities. Be confident with your curves and nothing will keep you from rocking that lingerie.


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