Mini Dive into Anal Play

Mini Dive into Anal Play

So you are curious about butt play but aren't sure where to start? I am going to lead the way into all this anal play because sometimes it can seem like a scary place!

The first thing I am going to say is, lube, lube, and more lube. When you think you have enough, use a little bit more. Now, you can use whatever kind of lube you want to, and also depending on the kinds of toys you are using(if any), but my favorite kind of lube to use with anal play is pure silicone. It coats the skin instead of soaking into the skin like a regular water base. My favorite silicone lube is Swiss Navy! It last a really good amount of time and is super slick!

Swiss Navy Silicone Lube 4 Oz


Now if you happen to be using a silicone toy, I would recommend a hybrid instead because it has such a small amount of silicone in it, that it won't hurt your toys but it will give you almost every benefit of a pure silicone. One of our favorites and best selling hybrids in Spunk!

Spunk Lube Hybrid 8 Oz

Now to get to the toys! There are some many different kinds of toys to go with but my favorite place to start is with beads. Why anal beads? Well, even though they look a little bit scary because of their length, they actually help your sphincter muscles get used to the motion of opening and closing. We can go two separate routes on anal beads. Vibrating or non-vibrating. I prefer to go with vibrating because if helps your muscles relax just a little more and even adds a little extra sensation. For non-vibrating, I like this 10 bead set. It is super flexible and the starting bead is very small. For vibrating, the VeDO Quaker is on of the best options. It too is flexible and starts off small and the vibration is fantastic.

Quaker Anal Vibe OrchidPerformance Silicone 10 Beads Black

If you are looking to maybe stretch yourself out, a plug set may be your ticket. Plugs are perfect for when you are working up to accommodate the size of someones' penis or a dildo. My favorite material for plugs is glass! Why? Because you are able to use silicone lubricant with it and they make the perfect pair. My favorite beginner set is this three piece glass set! The smallest isn't too small and the tapered shape makes it easier for insertion.

3 Pc Glass Anal Training Set

When someone asks me what is the best way to start, I always say lube. The next best thing, if you are doing this with a partner, is to preform oral on your partner while just toying with the plug or beads. Your body will ultimately tell you when you are ready. For vulva carriers, try having an orgasm before. Your muscles will be more relaxed and you won't be so tense. For penis carriers, if you are a little apprehensive to the thought of something going in, try some external prostate stimulation first so you can get comfortable with the idea of your prostate being directly stimulated.

The biggest tip I could give anyone? Just breathe, relax, and have fun. I know trying something new can be a little bit scary, but it could lead to a lot more fun in the future!

Written by Charlie

Sex Educator at Intimates Boutique

I have been a certified sexual health expert here since November 2018. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and even learning some more along the way!



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