He Wants to Try What???

He Wants to Try What???

He wants to try Anal? What? did I here you right?


This doesn't have to be a bad sex subject. Talk to each other to see what each wants out of this. Sexual communication is a must when it comes to trying anal.

So he wants to try anal, but neither of you have any experience anal play before. This is a  common problem for most people who want to try anal for the first time. It can be a pleasurable thing for both the man and the woman when you prepare properly. Here are just a few ideas on how to have great, safe and fun time. Anal sex doesn't necessarily involve the Penis going into the tush. It's doesn't need to be penetration either. Sometimes anal play can be just applying pressure on the outer sphincter. The most important thing when doing anal play is communication with each other. If it hurts, slow down, and take your time. Remember, anal isn't for everyone, but for those whom experiment with it. It can be very sexually rewarding.


Maybe some toys to warm up


We think adding some toys to your sex session is always a good idea. You can use any type of sex toy, but we recommend toys with a protrusion or a flange on one end of the toy, just so we don't have any unwanted accidents. No one wants that. So what types of toys are best? There are lots of shapes and sizes, anal beads and butt plugs being the most popular anal toys. What is the main difference between the 2 types. Beads like the vibrating Vedo Quaker or something simple like the Perfomance Anal Beads. Beads and inserted and slowly pulled out, do this during intercourse for a more intense sexual session. We prefer Butt Plugs for training. Why? The plug can be put inside the anus while you do other things. Using a plug while oral is performed or during intercourse is a great way to help to not think about what your putting in your tush. With anal play it is all about RELAXING. when relaxed anal play is enjoyable for most couples. Another great idea is to take a powerful Clitoral toy why he enters from the back. It will distract and keep you from focusing on the penetration part.


Using a good lube is a must


One of the most important things when butt play is to use a good, high quality lube. Any lube is better than no lube but there are some types better for anal sex than others. Some of our favorites are Hybrids like Spunk or Naked Silk. Both these have enough silicone in them to make them slicker yet still easy to clean up. Silicone is your best choice for anal play. why? because it doesnt break down and does not go away until you use soap and water. Silicone also makes it great for hot tub, pool or shower sex. some of our favorite Silicone for anal are Back Door by PJUR, Jo Xtra Silky Silicone and Gun Oil Silicone. Any of these lubes would be great for anal play.


Relaxing is the key



Key to anal play is for the receiver to relax. When relaxed anal penetration becomes easier. When you get to this point, you are ready to try anal sex. remember there are 2 sphincters and they react in different ways. Outer Sphincter is more receptive to vibration and the inner sphincter is more recepting to pressure. By receptive, we mean these are pleasure points. Please use a quality lube and the right size toys. This will help you focus on the pleasure side and not tense up. By not tensing up, this is the key to enjoying anal sex.


Are you ready for the next step?


So you have played with each other, maybe used a toy to rub or penetrate the anal area. Have a good lube ready and don't be afraid to use extra! you really cant have enough lube and too much is never too much. Let's have a powerful bullet vibrator against the clitoris, remember this will help distract you plus OMG does it feel gooood. As he first penetrates, take a deep breath just to get past the initial thrust. then go very slow until you get used to the feeling of the penis going in and out.

After sex



The one thing to be careful with anal play is the bacteria. Because of the nature of anal sex, you must clean thoroughly to make sure bacteria does not get into any vaginal areas. Getting bacteria in the Vagina is one of the biggest no no's when having anal sex. On that note, never penetrate the anus and then go directly into the vagina. We hope this helps you enjoy your first experience with anal sex play.


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