A Quick Guide to Anal Play

A Quick Guide to Anal Play

So, you want to try butt stuff but you are a little intimidated. Well no worry! I have a few tips and products that will help you ease yourself into anal play!

 The biggest thing that I can stress enough on is lube, lube, and more lube. Your butt doesn't self lubricate and it is very important to have an ample amount of lubricant before trying any form of anal play. Hybrid lubricants are probably the best recommendation I have for butt stuff. It has the benefits of a silicone lube without being able to hurt your silicone toys. One of our favorite hybrids would have to be Spunk. It is long lasting, slick, and doesn't get sticky!

 Okay! So you are all lubed up and ready to go. There are many ways to please your keister but there are a few things I want to throw out there. If you start to feel pain, stop. It is okay to table the idea and pick it back up when you are ready. Your body will let you know. This blog done by Erica Moen at Oh Joy Sex Toy will give you a few more pointers!

Lets talk toys now! If you are thinking of doing solo or couples play, these toys are definite pleasers. The Calexotics Ultimate Anal kit comes with three different sized plugs and a small douche. We recommend starting with smallest first if this is your first time diving in because you body may not be ready for a bigger one. The douche is made for cleaning out a little bit, just in case you are worried of any unwanted dirtiness (body temp water only).

Beads are another toy that you can use to relax your muscles a little bit. They let your sphincters get used to opening and closing. Our favorite anal bead toy is the Vedo Quaker. Not only are they awesome beads, the vibration it serves up with also excite your bum and give you another reason to keep giving butt stuff a try.

  I hope that you found some of this information useful and apply it to your sexy times. If want some more information we have another blog that offers up some information on solo anal play!


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