Are Air Pulsation Toys Worth All the Fuss?

Are Air Pulsation Toys Worth All the Fuss?

Air Pulsation toys are easily one of the most popular female sex toys on the market and the technology just keeps getting better and better. Now honestly when the Womanizers first came out (the first air pulsation toy to hit the market) I was a pretty big skeptic, I did not understand the technology behind it and how it claimed to bring you to this otherworldly orgasm but without vibration. But the requests for these toys started coming in waves from customers, so finally I decided to bite the bullet.

Now there are dozens of different kinds of air pulsation toys on shelves, all different sizes, brands and strengths. But still to this day the most common question I am asked is "are they worth it?" and the answer is 100x YES!

So, stimulation without touch, how exactly does it work? It is the perfect balance between pulsation and massaging, changes in air pressure without actually touching the clitoris. Meaning that the approximated 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris are NEVER over stimulated. Now for me and thousands of other women that means being able to have orgasm after orgasm without becoming overly stimulated/sensitive like with a vibrator.

Why are they worth it? Still not convinced? While all I ever knew for clitoral toys was vibration, I always figured one orgasm with my favorite clitoral vibe was the end goal and sure don't get me wrong if your looking to just release a little tension and just need a quick orgasm then a small clitoral vibe is probably for you but if you want something you can take your time with, something that will have your back arching over and over again and brings you to an orgasm multiple times vs. just once then might I suggest you look at Air pulsation toys. Because vibrators are high frequency vibration directly applied to the clitoris most women find that after having one orgasm that the clitoris is extremely sensitive and overly stimulated sometimes to the point of feeling a little uncomfortable. Vibration at high levels on a regular basis can also lead to eventually desensitizing the clitoris, making it harder to have an orgasm.

Obviously it's clear that the air pulsation toys are probably my favorite toys on the market and suffice it to say that I have tried quite a few since they hit stores. I definitely have cultivated a few favorites over the years that I am happy to share with you.

Sila by Lelo:

I would say this is the one I tend to gravitate towards more often. When Lelo introduced their first Air Pulsation toy "The Sona" I was so excited and then immediately disappointed upon trying it. Unlike most other Air Pulsation toys, the Sona as well as the Sila have a silicone flap on the inside of the chamber that thumps against the clitoris simultaneously. For me the Sona was too intense, that being said most of my co-workers absolutely loved it. Then the Sila came out with a similar design but some noticeable changes as well. The first change to catch my eye was the shape of the stimulation head and that the silicone flap on the inside was positioned further back than the Sona. After hearing all of the positive feedback I eventually decided to give it a shot and OMG!! If your a bit more sensitive like me then check out the Sila. 

The Melt by We-Vibe:

Probably my second most used Air Pulsation toy. Unlike the Sila there is no silicone flap on the inside that thumps on the clitoris. What drew me to the We-Vibe Melt was the shape of it, the handle is slim which makes it very easy and comfortable to use between two people during sex. On top of it being very very quiet which is a huge plus for me and waterproof, this is a great contender for one of the absolute best Air Pulsation toys.

The Liberty by Womanizer:

One of the best selling Air Pulsation toys for quite a few reasons. Obviously Womanizer being at the tippity top of brands and the brand that put the air pulsation technology on the map, Womanizers are THE best of the best! This specific model though is hugely popular and one of my favorites specifically for its size. It is the perfect size for traveling, its very quiet and comes with a discreet cap so that it protects the toy itself and keeps it sanitary while traveling or in a night stand drawer. Now while the Liberty is small don't let that fool you, it has a great range of strengths.

Satisfyer Pro 2:

 Now I will be completely honest with you, Satisfyers are not my top pick. When Womanizer came out with the Technology for air pulsation toys, satisfyer followed suit pretty shortly afterwards. That being said I do own the Satisfyer Pro 2 and it is a pretty good quality Air Pulsation toy without the higher price tag of the Sila, Melt and Liberty. The Satisfyer, like the Womanizer has a removable silicone cap that you can remove to wash and then reattach. The only thing I dislike about the Satisfyer is that it is a bit noisier than the others but for me a whisper quiet toy is a must which is not necessarily the case for everyone.

If you have a clitoris and you want to be blown away I really hope you try out an Air pulsation toy, in my 8 plus years of learning and educating people on sex toys no toy has blown me away quite like these babies!



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